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Pansexual people can sometimes think that they are just bisexual, says Richmond. It can take time for them to realize that their sexual orientation is all-encompassing. 'Pansexual teens sometimes struggle to find a community to identify with and get support from,” she says. “Even within some LGBTQ organizations, there is a misunderstanding of what ... Pansexual has come to the forefront of the public's conscious in recent years thanks, in part, to several celebrities identifying with the label. Here's what pansexuality means and how it works. Pansexual was first used in psychology to refer to the idea that sex is the primary driver of all human behavior, pan-here from the Greek meaning “all.”. The word was originally leveled against the ideas of Sigmund Freud as far back as 1914. Critics were still arguing against this supposed pansexual psychology in the 1950s and 1960s. New meanings for pansexual emerged in the 1960–70s. Pansexual definition is - of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation; also : not solely homosexual or heterosexual. How to use pansexual in a sentence. “Bisexual” and “pansexual” are two different ways to describe sexual orientation. Although they don’t mean the exact same thing, some people relate to both terms and describe themselves ... However, “pansexual” is the term that feels most right in describing my own sexual identity. Being pansexual means that I am attracted to all genders. I have the greatest respect for a person’s gender identity, but gender does not really play an initial role in my romantic or sexual attraction. Pansexual simply means a person is attracted to all genders. Pan, after all, comes from the Greek prefix meaning “all.” Thus, a pansexual person would be attracted to cisgender, transgender ... Pansexual could refer to someone who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to a person regardless of that person’s biological sex — It’s not their biological equipment that is most critical. See, rate and share the best pansexual memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun!

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2008.03.14 10:41 r/lgbt: Reddit's home for the LGBTQ+ community

A safe space for GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minority) folk to discuss their lives, issues, interests, and passions. LGBT is still a popular term used to discuss gender and sexual minorities, but all GSRM are welcome beyond lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who consent to participate in a safe space.

2009.04.15 01:22 satx Bisexual

This group is for discussion and support for those who fall in between, for the "shades of gay" in what is often assumed to be one or the other: * bisexuals * pansexuals * omnisexuals * queers * non-straight individuals ... or anyone who doesn't quite fit the otherwise binary "straight" and "gay" pattern. If you can't work out if you're straight, gay, or anywhere in between... you should probably visit us.

2011.08.07 07:55 erikpdx r/pansexual

Welcome to /Pansexual! This is a place for all pansexuals to go and talk freely.

2020.09.28 15:50 ImBrNdo 18 [M4F] Long Island/Anywhere - Now Accepting Minecraft Date Applicants 😊

(Also available for Among Us and Fall Guys!)
Hey! Thank you for hopefully reading my post, let's get right into it:
I'm an 18M, High School Senior so i know already that's a major turn off for a lot of people.. college in one year though haha. I'm not sure if ethnicity bothers you but i'm Caribbean (and a few others things but mostly that). Honestly height doesn't bother me, but i am 5'6 and interested in people of all heights! My pronouns are he/him and i'm pansexual, so hopefully you are not panphobic :) my personality type is ENFP-t
If you couldn't tell from the title of my post i'm a huuuge dork haha. Being able to chill with someone over discord while we game together sounds like the cutest shit and i would love to try it. Btw i'm totally open to an LDR but i just have to be able to trust you first, which may take some time depending on how well you and i vibe together. Competitive games are really fun too, but i usually avoid them because of how toxic the players tend to be.. so please don't be a toxic gamer 🙏🏼
I do have ADHD, so if you are looking for someone stay up with and talk to till sunrise, i'm perfect for that! I honestly adore someone who can talk to me for a long time, i really hate dry conversationalist 🤢 but seriously if we end up getting along really well PLEASE expect us to have plenty of late night talks and calls so i can hear your voice before i sleep hehe. A nice voice has me 🥰🥰🥰 i'm a real simp for voices lol
Please be understanding that i do have a personal life and personal issues so i won't always be available, and i'm sure the same goes for you as well! I also have a few things i'm pretty serious about when it comes to meeting people. Someone who is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, someone who supports the BLM movement, someone who takes the GLOBAL PANDEMIC seriously.. and also someone who isn't super political (hopefully you don't like Trump though.. cuz fuck him)
I try to keep myself busy and have a ton of stuff i like to do. Listening to music is best way to calm down and i'm currently trying to learn the guitar (but sadly it's still being shipped cuz it's a left handed guitar) and i'd love for you to share songs and playlists with me. i LOVE true crime and mystery shows/books/movies!! Hopefully you feel the same and we can watch them together, i also love fantasy and horror too! I would love to watch a scary movie with you, i reaaally like scary movies and honestly don't really get scared anymore, but people say it's super funny when i scream at the jumpscares... haha if we ever meet up irl, we have to binge some scary movies together! I also love illustration and have been trying to get into it again. Animated films are aweome btw! Disney, Studio Ghibli, etc! AND PLEASE CAN WE WATCH ANIME TOGETHER 😭
As for the physical things i love to do, i think hiking is so much fun. I do live in NY so not much hiking can be done in this part, but hiking in general is really fun! I'm an active swimmer and was also a junior life guard! Swimming is so much fun and i wish the pools weren't closed but i would rather be safe than sick.. another thing you should know is i love MMA, and i have loved it ever since i was little but trust me i can talk about that for hours so let's move on! 😁
Hopefully you weren't scared by my long post :( i try to keep it simple but i just dunno howwww, i'm just really looking for someone who can make me happy, as i hope i can do the same for you! Hope to hear from anyone soon, byeee 💜
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2020.09.28 14:16 ddeliverance I’m really tired of pre-t “trans guys” on Grindr. It makes those of us who have actually transitioned look bad.

Pretty much the title. Living in the Bible Belt, it’s hard enough as a gay trans man to get any interest at all on Grind Scruff/ whatever, even though I’ve fully transitioned and am completely stealth. I always out myself to potential partners via message (not just out randomly on my profile) for, you know, safety reasons, which usually results in a block or a “ew ur a girl.”
These responses are made ten times worse when pre-t “trans guys” show up on the apps and immediately identify themselves on their profile as “pansexual transmasc” or whatever. They don’t look like men, they look like women. You can tell they haven’t started t, and are probably just there because “uwu hot gay bois!!!”
Please. Just. Stop. If they’re actually trans, fine. Do what I did and wait until you can pass as a cis man before you get on these apps. You’re going to get fucking destroyed by the cis men on there and probably the other real trans guys, because we all know you’re a woman.
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2020.09.28 13:49 froufur My partner (26, AMAB) is questioning his gender

I am 21 and nonbinary and my partner has recently been talking to me about his gender and how he is questioning.
He tells me he has always been uncomfortable with the traditional “male” stereotypes and enjoys hobbies like knitting, sewing, watching “girly” movies, and wearing dresses/makeup as opposed to football and drinking with the lads™️ (despite having been in the army for 4 and a half years)
He’s pansexual but has never really cared for labels and hasn’t researched much into the LGBTQ+ community, but i’ve recently been introducing him to queer stuff, like showing him videos, meme compilations, gay subreddits etc and it has made him curious about his gender identity.
He says he’s comfortable with any pronouns and any physical presentation, like he would probably enjoy having breasts but hes also comfortable with the convenience of a penis. He doesn’t particularly experience dysphoria with his assigned gender but feels like “male” doesn’t quite cover or explain his feelings on gender.
We took a few shitty quizzes online and had some talks about it, but having only discovered I myself was nonbinary a few years ago, I’m not quite sure what to tell him other than ”it’s just something you gotta explore and discover yourself.”
Any advice, directions or anything welcome and appreciated.
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2020.09.28 08:49 socially__distant Looking for friendship? Let's chat!

Hey, I'm a 25 year old software developer from the UK.
I'd love to meet new people so I'm here to reach out to you all.
I love the outdoors, I think that comes from working at a computer all day. I've been learning bushcraft for a few years and I really enjoy making stuff from fallen trees.
I'm a very loving and nurturing person. I like listening to people's stories and offering advice when asked. I also like teaching people (maybe you'd like some programming help?).
I practise mindfulness. I like to meditate and it helps me connect with nature (still compensating for my job...).
I'm a casual gamer. I've recently picked up a Switch and replaying Stardew Valley. Got any recommendations?
I listen to a lot of music. I mainly like progressive metal but also enjoy alt pop, 70s prog and D&B. I'm always up for sharing a Spotify playlist.
I'm very open minded. I'll talk about pretty much anything with anyone as long as you're respectful.
I'm pansexual (though I won't go on about it) and I'm in an awesome relationship with an amazing person.
*What I'm looking for *
If you've come this far then you should definitely send me a PM or chat request. Tell me a little about yourself too, it helps kick off the conversation :)
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2020.09.28 08:34 Outside-Question AITA for being over my "friends" announcements

To clarify I'm not really close with this person anymore and the only real reason we still talk is because of mutual friends.
On Friday a bunch of us were talking on Zoom, just catching up and having a few drinks. While talking this friend came out as pansexual and genderfluid. Now this doesn't bother me but this same friend has over the last few years announced that:
Anyone of those wouldn't have bothered me but it seems like every 6-12 months they are making a new announcement. I understand it can take a while for people to work out who they are but it feels like this person is just running through every combination a sentiment that I expressed when confronted (I apparently seemed unhappy though personally I thought I was fairly natural) and was shared by someone else in the conversation.
I got a text Sunday night from a third party calling me an asshole for saying that. Like I said its not the announcement itself that has frustrated me its the fact the same person has been doing it for almost 4 years at this point.
Edit: some additional information before they made their announcement we were talking about my other friends upcoming wedding. It seems that their announcement always happen close to when other people have announcements or events coming up. Not always at the same time but close to them
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2020.09.28 06:32 Slightlynerdy69 Some clarification

I’m sure some of you don’t know every single thing about this movement, so let me explain.
We don’t hate you as an individual. The issue doesnt lie with you. It’s the label. You can label something as something we don’t agree with, that doesn’t make you a diabolical evil jerk. Everyone is different and has special layers.
The core problem. We here don’t hate on bisexuality because it’s a “quirky new label to feel cool.” What matters is that the two are treated differently, despite being the same thing. Pansexuality includes everything that bisexuality does since day 1.
We’re not doing this because we hate all bisexuals, we’re doing this because we’ve dealt with lots of panphobia.
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2020.09.28 01:33 RetailSlave5408 What the Hell did Jim (Johnny Cakes) see in Vito?

Was he so isolated in that NH town that he was that starved for attention and affection?
Jim was a fireman, good with his hands, handsome and had that masculine horseshoe mustache. He actually fulfilled a lot of the elements you see in gay porn, fantasy and erotic fiction. This is the kind of guy tons of gays pine for. Jim was a catch so it made no sense he would go for Vito.
Funny to think that even as fat as he was that was Vito at his best, Vito didn't have that much interesting of things to say and had no redeeming qualities looks or personality wise.
Kudos to the writers and actors for writing masculine gay types and combatting against stereotypes in a very macho show that had bigoted characters. Interesting how Vito and Jim had children, which at worst suggests that they were in sham marriages and at best suggests them being possibly bisexual or pansexual.
But like a lot things on this show, the writers did a good job indicating that if it had gone on for longer it wouldn't have been that much extensively long.
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2020.09.28 00:29 Aronfeliciano Conversation I had in a TikTok comment section

Person: And if you’re and if your pan you like people regardless of their gender
Me:That’s incorrect, saying that would also imply that bisexual people only care about genitals and personality a second.
Person: In that comment I wasn’t talking about bisexuality though I was saying if you’re pansexual you do not care about gender or genitals
Person: It’s just bisexuals like two or more genders and have preference on which genders they like
Me: I’m bisexual and I don’t have a preference. Lol and a lot of bisexuals are like that as well. As stated in the video above.
Person:This isn’t supposed to be telling you you aren’t valid or anything like that but that’s not how bisexuality works
Person: To be bisexual you have to have a preference towards which gender you like more if you like all of them equally and you don’t care about gender ur pan
Me:No I am not pansexual, I don’t have a preference, never have never will. The video even states that you don’t have to have a preference.
Person:You’re not understanding what I’m saying being bisexual you can like all genders but you have a preference over which genders you like
Me: I understandwhat you’re saying, a lot of bisexual people don’t have a preference at all
I obviously don’t have any issues with people using the pansexuality label but you shouldn’t tell me what I can and can’t do. And they weren’t even being sneaky about it. They were being so condescending and it’s kind of funny.
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2020.09.27 23:54 KowtowToMao [coming out] came out to friends and family yesterday

Title says it all really. Thought I’d put how that went here.
So, for starters, I’ve been out to 2 of my friends for about a week, the reason being that they’re also gsrm so I knew they’d be supportive. However, I still wasn’t out to most of my friends or my family.
I came out to the rest of my friends via a group chat we’re all in. The thing is, even though it’s a small chat I still didn’t know what everyone’s opinions were on the matter, and I also didn’t consider everyone in there a close friend. Thankfully they were very supportive, tho the first person to respond said something that boils down to “it’s cool as long as you don’t shove it in my face” which kinda put me off.
Then, that afternoon, I came out to my family. They were very supportive as well, but they weren’t happy that they were essentially the last person to receive the news. “You told [ace friend] first, before us!? Why her?” “You told [trans friend] before you told me!? I introduced you to him!” That was a fun conversation.
A couple other interesting things: when I told my sister, she (after I explained what pansexuality is) just said “I think I might be gay” out of the blue. I mean, I’m supportive of her, I’m just surprised since she’s only 10. Also, I had to come out to my dad twice because he thought I was joking the first time. He’s repeatedly told me he doesn’t understand my sense of humor, so that tracks.
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2020.09.27 20:57 CarelessHold4863 [Coming Out] Im worried about telling my family that I think Im genderfluid

So I recently came out to most of my family about me being gay, specifically pansexual, and Im so grateful that my family is really excepting of the LGBTQ+ community. You see, Ive been doing some experimentation with myself, and Ive realized that I might actually identify as genderfluid. For a couple months I was researching and I came to this conclusion because all my life Ive wanted to be a guy, but i also like the look and style of a girl, and everything in between.
So Ive been trying to wear tight sports bras to flatten my chest and I liked how it looked, Ive been trying out dresses and skirts and honestly, can we be real for a sec here, skirts are cute as heck and have you ever twirled in one? Its awsome if you do it right. But anyway, I told my friends to maybe refer to me with he/him they/them pronouns to see what I liked and yup, they all made me comfortable. But theres just one problem..... my family.
Like I said at the begining I already came out to them which is great, but how do i tell them about this? I know they support the LGBTQ+ community but what if they dont support or dont like the transgender part or nonbinary or genderfluid part of it? I just dont want to tell them and then be ostracized by my own family. Theres also another factor to this, Im the youngest in my house, 14, so what if i tell them and just brush me off saying,"what do you know?" or," your just a kid, you cant possibly know this stuff" or anything else like that. So can I please get some advice on how or when I should tell my family about this? I would appreciate any amount of support or help with this.
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2020.09.27 20:22 x_katzcosplay_x Sexuality Headcannons (V3)

Rantaro: Gay or Bisexual (idk he just gives me gay vibes or he's bi with a masculine preference)
Kaede: Bisexual (Kaede gives me bi vibes and I feel like she wouldn't have a preference)
Ryoma: Straight (he doesn't care either he's just here)
Kirumi: Aro/Asexual (I feel like Kirumi is too focused on her jobs and caring for everyone to care about relationships or sex)
Angie: Pansexual (Angie loves everyone but she has internalized homophobia because she's religious. I feel like she'd claim to be straight)
Tenko: Lesbian (she hates men and you can't tell me that she isn't gay)
Korekiyo: Pansexual (Everyone fascinates him and he sees the beauty within everyone, he doesn't care about gender)
Miu: Bicurious (she definitely has a male preference but I csn see her being curious about girls)
Gonta: Aro/Asexual (He's a cinnamon roll and just cares for everyone, I dont think he's interested in relationships or sex, or he doesn't care)
Kokichi: Gay (Did you see how he was with Shuichi I-)
Kaito: Straight (he just gives me sraight vibes idk)
Maki: Bisexual (Maki definitely had a feminine lean and then she met kaito and was like 'fuck')
Himiko: Pansexual (I feel like gender doesn't matter to her as long as the person is sweet to her)
K1b0- no label (I feel like since he's a robot he wouldn't label himself, but he gives me bi vibes if he did)
Shuichi: Bisexual (Shuichi is a bi icon, I feel like he's right in the middle or he has a fem lean)
Tsumugi: Straight (I feel like she's one of the girls that's like "oh I'm bisexual I'm so quirky" but nah she's straight)
I hope you all enjoy, I'll do the other games if you wish!
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2020.09.27 20:17 ViviDaBaby Hey! a pansexual and Demisexual here I identify as a pandemic for now on peeps

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2020.09.27 19:41 harriet_clarkson Lgbtq+ discord

Heya! My names Harriet and I have made a lgbtq+ discord group. I am a pansexual girl and would love people to join my group. The link is: https://discord.gg/BRM67m . Please leave suggestions for chats and channels and thank you to all who will join! You will be safe and able to speak about anything. Don’t hate on other people’s views and opinions. If you find any hate, @ me and I will remove them. Thank you to all who will join!
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2020.09.27 17:49 TheWolvesAndAK In the closet, suicidal, and super fuckin sad

I'm pansexual, have a pretty shit life, and I just wanna end it tomorrow. WARNING THIS POST IS NOT ASKING FOR A FUCKING PITY PARTY I JUST WANT TO VENT.
So I'm mixed and I live with my white mother who is racist and my white sister who is racist, and my white mothers fiance who is...you guessed it RACIST. I hate them all with a fuckin passion.
So earlier this year my nan who has dementia was rushed into hospital on my birthday after having 2 small seizures and 1 LARGE seizure and the doctor told my mum that she was gonna die. So that was an emotional car crash.
So like I said, I'm pansexual and in the closet, I have a slight fear of coming out since my entire family thinks that children under the age of 18 cant know their sexuality which is fucking dumb, so I cant even express who I am. Also my mother claims to be pansexual but then starts being transphobic out of nowhere at times so that confuses me...
And now let's get into the final part. Suicide. I have had suicidal thoughts for the last year and a half, mainly because of my weight, my family can help themselves but bring up the fact that I am fat, it's like they cant help themselves, they all literally weigh more than me!! And yet cant help but make snarky comments about how fat I am, I swear they think I dont know that I'm fat and ugly and so feel the need to remind me every day. I have had weight issues mu entire life but no one seems to care enough to help me lose weight, they wont hesitate to call me obese, but when I ask for help losing weight they say "no you aren't that fat yet" like bitch EMPHASIZE ON THAT YET. And so here we are, I just wanna end it all. And if i do know that i died on my own terms. And as the most iconic vine says: "in this world you either kill yourself or get killed" wonder why I talk about my pathetic life as joke? Its because you either laugh or you cry, and I've cried enough today.
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2020.09.27 17:45 TheWolvesAndAK Suicidal, in the closet, and super fuckin sad.

I'm pansexual, have a pretty shit life, and I just wanna end it tomorrow. WARNING THIS POST IS NOT ASKING FOR A FUCKING PITY PARTY I JUST WANT TO VENT.
So I'm mixed and I live with my white mother who is racist and my white sister who is racist, and my white mothers fiance who is...you guessed it RACIST. I hate them all with a fuckin passion.
So earlier this year my nan who has dementia was rushed into hospital on my birthday after having 2 small seizures and 1 LARGE seizure and the doctor told my mum that she was gonna die. So that was an emotional car crash.
So like I said, I'm pansexual and in the closet, I have a slight fear of coming out since my entire family thinks that children under the age of 18 cant know their sexuality which is fucking dumb, so I cant even express who I am. Also my mother claims to be pansexual but then starts being transphobic out of nowhere at times so that confuses me...
And now let's get into the final part. Suicide. I have had suicidal thoughts for the last year and a half, mainly because of my weight, my family can help themselves but bring up the fact that I am fat, it's like they cant help themselves, they all literally weigh more than me!! And yet cant help but make snarky comments about how fat I am, I swear they think I dont know that I'm fat and ugly and so feel the need to remind me every day. I have had weight issues mu entire life but no one seems to care enough to help me lose weight, they wont hesitate to call me obese, but when I ask for help losing weight they say "no you aren't that fat yet" like bitch EMPHASIZE ON THAT YET. And so here we are, I just wanna end it all. And if i do know that i died on my own terms. And as the most iconic vine says: "in this world you either kill yourself or get killed" wonder why I talk about my pathetic life as joke? Its because you either laugh or you cry, and I've cried enough today.
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2020.09.27 16:31 coeurdeverre Poly makes sense to me, but I don't know if I am...

I (30f) have been dating a poly guy (32m) for the past 3 months and he has been my only serious connection, though I have a fwb/cuddle buddy situation there is not any expectation of a relationship. When we met online I thought his dating profile said pansexual and not polyamorous, but his being poly wasn't a deal breaker so we went on a few dates, I met his girlfriend (34f) who I hit it off with, and he and I ended up dating. He and I discussed things like wanting to have children, neither of us does, but not things like did either of us have a desire to be married in the future which is not exactly an early relationship conversation. One of my favorite shows is 90 Day Fiance and I was explaining the premise of the show to him and the discussion of marriage came up and he made it known he wasn't interested in getting married in the future. I know that marriage is something that I want in life, but the conversation is causing doubts if I can handle being poly and having a partner while trying to develop another serious relationship. Most of the poly men where I live are already married or only looking for short term relationships so I feel like there isn't much of a dating pool. The doubt has me questioning if I'm really able to handle polyamory or if I'm really just made for monogamy.
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2020.09.27 15:37 apostatizeme Perpetuation of religion is a result of the brevity of our lives. If humans lived, say, 1000 years, everyone would eventually be atheist. Everyone would also eventually be pansexual. Just saying.

People get indoctrinated into one religion, build a life based around it well before they have any perspective or knowledge upon which to judge the religion, make life choices based on it at a time in life when they’re just still trying to please their parents, choose a marriage and have kids and start indoctrinating their kids....all of this in so many cases before they have the emotional maturity to even consider whether their paradigm is legitimate. Then they just stick to it because of the sunk cost fallacy, the constraints of their social and relationship structures, etc. By the time average older humans can really contemplate their religion in context they have invested so much they just won’t back track. But....if they had another 950 years to live at that point I definitely do think everyone would take an eventual rational path leading to atheism.
I also think everyone is wired for pansexuality and everyone would at least try out gay sex at some point if they lived long enough, for many of the same reasons everyone would open up about their religious conditioning. I, for one, will probably never try gay sex because it’s just not practical, consequences would be high, and I don’t feel a particular interest. But, I’m pretty sure if I had nearly 1000 years of life ahead of me I would try it out eventually.
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2020.09.27 15:27 SamanthaGrayspark A question for the community here:

My spouse and I both are transgender. We met and married before we came out or even were really willing to admit that we were trans, let alone anything other than straight. He is ftm, I am mtf, we are both pansexual and polyamorous... And closer to each other than ever before.
We have both always wanted to document our journey with our transition, how it effects us personally, how we navigate the problems of life in general, and just generally be there to be fun and open and supportive.
The thing is, we aren't sure if there is an audience for this kind of thing. It will take a lot of time and vulnerability, and we want to share our experience to help others on their journey.
Would this be something that y'all would be interested in? Let me know and if it garners enough attention, we will start a YouTube channel. I don't plan on sharing the link here because I don't want this to seem like advertising whatsoever, however I might try to figure out a private message thing. Again, all I want to know is if y'all are interested in hearing how we moved from being the most cis-straight-monogamous people to who we are today, and we did it together, and how current events are affecting our journey.
Thanks for y'all's input!
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2020.09.27 14:44 laura-1996 Advice? I develop feelings for everyone I get close to & I'm struggling with it emotionally

So basically I've been struggling quite a lot recently because I develop romantic & sexual feelings towards anybody I get close to. Me & my partner have decided to give monogamy a try after I went through a messy break up with my ex (we were poly at the time) & it impacted my mental health significantly
So recently I've been trying to make platonic friendships instead of dating for the sake of making life more simple & focusing on my family. Issue is whenever I get close to someone I get feelings for them and it makes me think that maybe I'm not capable of maintaining platonic friendships. I feel uncomfortable feeling this way about my friends & it sucks feeling so strongly about someone and not being able to say anything about it. I also don't wanna pursue things romantically & potentially put the friendships at risk whilst making my life more complicated
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else here falls for people so easily and intensely and if so, is there anything that helps you deal with these feelings? It's kinda linked to a bit of self hate for me because I feel like I shouldn't find it so difficult to be platonic & idk how to come to terms with feeling this way
Also I'm pansexual & I'm attracted to people almost entirely based on their personality so it's not like I can befriend people who I wouldn't be attracted to
Thanks in advance if you took the time to read this & for any suggestions :)
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2020.09.27 13:59 paula2nova I came out to my best friends as omni ace and got some little hurtful comments.

So I came out as omniromantic asexual to my two best freinds on monday. And I technically can't complain because they were both totally fine with it but some things they said just botherd me. I first told them that i was ace which they both were totally cool with but needed some explaining of what exactly asexuality is. And then I told them that I am also omniromantic (I like all genders just like pansexual people but I have preferences and personally lean towards girls). None of them had ever heard of it and one of my friends immediately said something like "so you're bi" even though I had just explained that I wasn't. I told her that I was not and my other friend tried to kinda help me out but she was just like "well I don't understand it so I'm just gonna call you bi". I felt like it kinda invalidated me being omni but I just let it slide and luckily she hasn't mentioned it again yet. So being finally out of the closet I was really happy and told the two of them that I would really like to buy something like a rainbow bracelet or just something small to show my lgbtq+ pride and the both of them were like "you don't have to show everyone" and the one friend who earlier tried to help me literally said something along the lines of "you don't have to wear it just for attention, you don't have to show everyone that you aren't normal". Hearing her say that really hurt, especially the "you aren't normal" part. Don't get me wrong they were both totally cool with me coming out and they aren't homophobic in any way but it's just these little ignorant things that they say that just really hurt. And I know that there are people who have experienced way more hate coming out, so I know that I shouldn't be complaining as much. Anyways I'm glad that I've finally come out and to be honest I'm really proud of myself as well. (Sorry for bad English.)
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2020.09.27 13:52 feelingfrisky99 Angry, sad and selfish.

So I'm not sure where to share this. I am looking to actively change my situation.
I know I lived a very privileged life as a white Canadian male, and as an M2F non-binary, even in Alberta (think Canadian Texas) i'm still very privileged. In the last year I've used my free healthcare system to transition, my medications are covered sometimes by my spouse's benefits. The ones I buy are inexpensive.
Even though I'm currently out of work, my country is giving me money to survive the current pandemic situation. So I'm blessed.
Yet I'm angry, no one told me this was an option when I was a kid. So I hid it, and thought I put it away at age 10. Imagine my surprise at 30 when I found out why I had those thoughts at age 4. At 30 the thoughts involved sex, but what I couldn't understand is why that interested me. I honestly didn't believe I was transgender at that time. Between 10 and 30 a lot had happened, lots of bullying not related to my gender, I hid my orientation. I honestly didn't know I was trans, but I did know I was a little "gay". It wasn't safe to tell people so I didn't. Also I really didn't understand it very well. Today you'd call me pansexual or bi. I'm mostly feminine attracted, but would still like to play with a penis that isn't mine sometimes.
So when I went to my first trans support meeting at 30 and basically was told anyone wanting to sleep with trans people was a dirty chaser, I didn't know what to do with that. I was also told if was born with a penis and wanted to keep it, I wasn't really trans.
That cost me 10yrs. I want my fucking 10yrs back. I wouldn't have my receding hairline, and I would be in some sort of career instead of starting my life over at 40.
I know this is whining and complaining about what I don't have, when I have so much compared to most. My household has 2 working vehicles and I have the beginnings of a successful bee farm, which will hopefully fund my retirement.
I want a boyfriend, my wife objects to that. I want someone to buy me flowers, I've wanted to go dancing and eat at nice restaurants as myself and NOT be a man in a dress, or someone's fetish. Although being desired in a sexual in any way by men or women would be wonderful. Cause right now I'm feared, pittied or a joke. I fucking hate that.
I don't hate my wife, but I do resent her, why, well for one if she wears a skirt no one looks twice. For another when I told her 11 yrs ago she was the first one to drive me back into the closet. I should have left her then. I had been homeless twice before, I didn't and still don't want to be homeless again. If that happens I might quit.
I don't know what my orientation is anymore. After yr+ on blockers and 7 months on E, my sex drive has dried up. I do not feel desired or wanted. It recently occurred to me I stopped buying my wife flowers (the pandemic isn't helping). Before it's because she was angry and I never buy her flowers when she's angry, set's a bad president.
I feel ugly all the time, no matter what I do or how much I try i will never be "her". Maybe I waited to long or maybe I was never going to pass. Until 40 I never resented my male side. I only resent it now because I can't change it just by changing clothes.
So I want a boyfriend, but I have a supportive wife. She has changed her views about me in all the ways a reasonable person could ask. So it's selfish of me to desire a ployamours life. It's cheating if I find a person on the side, I don't want to be a joke or someone's dirty secret.
I'm very angry at myself for being a coward and not moving forward at 30, for being scared and not telling anyone between 4 and 10.
I know what I want, it seems like I can never really have it and it makes me want to scream. Which I know is also selfish because I have so much. I'm in a safe home with Netflix and high speed internet. No one is threatening me. I get lots of looks in small town so I always feel like a bug in a jar, but no threats or intimidation, just no job.
I don't know what to do so I feel right with my place in the world.
I feel like I'm treading water, waiting for my face to change and it probably never will. Even if it does, then what? I don't want to leave my wife, but I want to be 30yr old me again as her. 41 yr old hehim isn't having any fun. I want a boyfriend possibly even a transgender boyfriend. I want to make someone frisky, they way my wife used to make me frisky.
I'm tired of feeling undesirable all the time. I know many people feel that way, and I have lots to be grateful for. It's just not enough. I hate feeling this way all the time.
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2020.09.27 08:37 HyperMeg Should I be offended?

One of my friends that I came out to at the end of July told me something that has been making me think for several hours now. In the past, he tends to get very touchy feely, especially when he's got some alcohol in his system. Nothing bad, just harmless hugging, cuddling and other forms of friendly physical contact of the sort. However, in the last two times we hung out, he mentioned that he's not into me, and early today he told me he's been more apprehensive towards hugging me and any other form of harmless contact, regardless of the pandemic.
To give more context about our relationship. I've known him for about 10 years, he's in a 7 year relationship and is engaged to his girlfriend, and the three of us hang out fairly regularly, depending on the season. He's bisexual, but his attraction to men is minimal, if I had to guess, it's 90:10. I've identified as asexual, and I've never seen either of them in a light where I'd like to pursue a relationship with either of them, regardless of my loyalty to our friendship, which I hold to a high regard.
As a small note from my observations, I guess this is where the line is drawn between being bisexuality and pansexuality. However, I can't get past this nagging feeling which has stemmed from these last couple interactions with him.
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