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Is The Third Best U.S. City For Men And Women In Their 20s And Early 30s People fly kites near the Washington Monument on March 30, 2013 during the annual Blossom Kite Festival in Washington, DC. The National Cherry Blossom Festival, when thousands of cherry trees given by Japan as a present a century ago start blooming, is the city's top ... Product Code: AWP-30S-DC. Be the first to review this product. Estimated to Ship: 11/09/20 - 11/14/20 Calculate Shipping Rate. Qty: $11,730.00 $10,388.09. Add to Cart. Add to List Compare ; Quick Overview The Genie Aerial Work Platform AWP line emphasizes portability and ease of operation. Genie AWP Super Series 20-foot aerial work platforms are an industry favorite due to their ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Their lightweight maneuverability and durable design make them a versatile option for a wide variety of rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications. 30s to west to friendship heights. southern ave station + bus bay a. at stop ; southern ave se + valley ter se ; southern ave + mississippi ave se ; 22nd st se + southern ave se. approaching ; 22nd st se + savannah st se ; savannah st se + 23rd st se ; 23rd st se + alabama ave se ; alabama ave + 24th st ; alabama ave + jasper st se ; alabama ... GatherDC helps Jewish 20s/30s connect to Jewish life and to each other. We’re here to make it easy for you to find your people and place in DC and NoVa Jewish life. Whether you’re looking for Jewish events , people , housing , jobs , rabbis , kosher food – we connect you. Nav20sDC is a local ministry (in the DC Metro area) of The Navigators, connecting young adults in their 20s and 30s to each other and to Jesus. A division of The Navigators, Nav20s' mission is to help 20s and 30s in cities to become and stay engaged in God’s Kingdom with the people we’re with every 16 reviews of 20s & 30s Going Out Group 'The organizers for the 20s and 30s group here in DC are the best and very professional. I would even consider them as friends now. The group has many, too many?, events on their calendar. If I want something to do or someplace to go, it's a one-stop no-brainer to check out their calendar. Attending the events has been easy and fun. Twenty Questions Virtual Speed Dating for Ages 20s and 30s - Speed Date in the Comfort of Your Home! Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM With 35,000+ members, we are the ORIGINAL 20s & 30s Going Out Group, and the 2nd largest Meetup group in the world! This social group is for people mostly their 20s and 30s, in the Washington DC metro area, who enjoy dancing, dining, pubs, clubs, outdoor activities, road trips, dinner parties, and other local activities.

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2020.09.25 15:54 techn0crat McClain's Mailbag - lotta frustration here

Thank you for making this the longest Mailbag we’ve posted. Most of you wanted to vent, so I ran your comments first and the ones that required answers come afterward.
Most of you have given up on the season after the 0-2 start that should be 0-3. I’m guessing you gave up on them after the 0-3 start in 2018. Titans fans gave up last season when they started 2-4. Ravens fans wanted John Harbaugh fired with a 4-5 record in 2018. And don’t forget the Colts’ 1-5 start in 2018 and 10-6 finish, including a victory over the Texans at NRG Stadium? I predicted in August the Texans would start 0-3, so I’m not surprised. Now, if they start 0-4, it’s time to hit the panic button.
Oh, I almost forgot, stunningly, a few of you want Bill O’Brien fired. Imagine that.
Please check out the Chronicle’s two television shows this season: “Texas Sports Nation” airs at around 11:30 p.m. Sundays on KPRC (Channel 2) after NBC's football game. “Texas Sports Nation: In Depth” runs twice a month on AT&T SportsNet Southwest, which also reruns it at different times. The staff is putting a lot of time and effort into the shows, and we hope you like the content.
As always, thank you for contributing to the Mailbag, reading our stories in the Chronicle's print editions and online at Texas Sports Nation, where we also have multiple weekly podcasts. As you do every week, please send your comments and questions to [email protected]. Note: questions have been edited for clarity and/or brevity.
Q: Same BS again this year. There have been many changes, millions of dollars spent, lots of new coaches and plenty more excuses to come. Bill O’Brien is the one constant. He is not a great coach, not even a good coach and still a worse GM. By the time McNair realizes we will be auditioning the next quarterback to lead them nowhere. The excuses are so old. — David P.
Q: Your grade of the HC/GM should be an F. It’s hard to write this during the fourth quarter of this game where I knew, as well as you, the Texans wouldn’t win. But going for it on 4th down in the first half again on our side of the field is flat out stupid. I would have been OK with it in the 4th quarter on Baltimore’s side of the field because we were down by two scores and a field goal wasn’t going to help. If the guards can’t run block or pass block any better than this then I have to call out the GM. Does Bill understand that the rest of the NFL coaches know the offensive line cannot block long enough for a deep route to hurt them. It appears he has built a quick-strike offense fantasy built around deep pass routes that does not reflect the offensive line’s ability to block. Use Cobb and the TEs more and run the clock because our defense is not built to be on the field for long stretches and we surely haven’t scared the opponent defensively. Please do not say we played Baltimore better this time then last time. We lost and until the coaching/drafting/trading gets better, the Texans will always be full of noise and nothing else. — Glenn P.
Q: It's amazing that the Texans still keep getting national television slots. And every time they do Bill O'Brien uses it to showcase really stupid coaching decisions. That David Johnson trade looks bad now, with no one to block for him, and no one to pass protect for Deshaun. And Hopkins is enjoying great success with a dynamic QB and 2-0 record. The more things change, the more things stay the same. The Texans are again proving to not be ready for the start of the season. Those poor guys are bad at everything, poor offensive line play, no pass rush, poor tackling, and boy do they get outcoached. Teams take on the personality of their coach. And OB is never prepared and extremely unpredictable. That offense looks the same to me and so does the sad sack defense. Poor Deshaun deserves better than running for his life game after game. — Ronald J.
Q: I just want to say that I'm sorry you had to sit through the entire Ravens-Texans game. At least I could switch to the U.S. Open golf tournament. I'm not going to rag on anybody this morning. Just some thoughts that seem to me to be reasonable concerning Deshaun Watson. I was prompted on this subject by Brian Smith's first paragraph of his column. To paraphrase, one of these days he is going to shout, “REALLY?” when another questionable 4th down call comes in. There are just a few gifted QBs that have an innate gunslinger quality about them. Watson, Jackson, Mahomes, Favre, and Russell Wilson, to name a few. I think Watson is being mismanaged. The GM/HC is trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. He is by nature a gunslinger. He is unconventional and they are trying to make him conventional. Turn him loose! Let him use the play called as a suggestion. See what happens when he is allowed to be who he is. My observation is he’s not a pocket QB. I see nothing in Kelly's play-calling that differs from O'Brien. Tim Kelly is an O'Brien clone. He studied and was groomed by O'Brien. What did we expect? I know, it's early. They were expected to lose this game. I just wish they would have gone out on their shields and not pouting on the bench. I know eventually O'Brien will be let go. My recommendation for replacement is Ravens DC Wink Martindale. Have you ever seen a more ravenous defense! You just wonder why we can’t be like that. They do trade film don't they? Weaver should study them until his eyes bleed. — Joe K.
Q: Hopkins is making Kyler Murray an MVP candidate. All Texans fans wish OB would go away. I worry about your sanity if you can't get over the Hopkins trade. Normally when you have fourth-and-1 at your 34, you punt. Why wouldn't you punt? Because your defense is arguably the worst in the NFL. Odds are they’ll be even worse if they are tired. It's one thing to know it another to announce it to the Ravens. Perhaps OB forgot, it's an emotional game. How do you think the Ravens felt then? OB’s got one of the most gifted QBs the NFL has ever seen at eluding a pass rush. What does a pump fake do? It gets DL to raise their hands and DBs to make a move. This is why the Texans are so damn frustrating. Yes, they stink on defense, and yes, they can barely block on most plays, but they still have the magician, DW4. What makes him so elusive? Body movements — subtle and not so subtle just like Air Jordan. It happens so quickly for these phenomenal athletes. It’s more instinct than thought. If you know anyone who has any influence with OB, pay them to whisper the words "pump fake." I bet you DW4 can sell a pump fake better than most. — Juan B.
Q: I was hoping the Texans would not start the season 0-2. The Ravens again beat the Texans. The Texans were outcoached and outplayed. The Ravens organization is clearly at a higher level than the Texans. The Texans' defense again was not effective against the run. The offensive line was not consistent with pass blocking or picking up the blitz. Then there was the fourth-and-1 at their 34. The coaching staff is hired to give you the best chance to win. This was not the best call, ever, on your side of the field against the Ravens defense. The play that was called had no chance of succeeding. This has become an alarming pattern for this team every year. Can we win in Pittsburgh? Not with this play-calling, poor defense and sporadic offense. I’m hopeful for a Texans win, but I see this year being very long and disappointing. — Darryl K.
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TEXAS SPORTS NATION: TV & PODCASTS JOHN MCCLAIN, AARON WILSON Podcast: Why the Texans sit at 0-2 Q: The Texans looked a little more competitive but did not show anything to convince me they can beat the Steelers so I'm seeing an 0-3 hole. Hope springs eternal which is essential for Texans fans. This looks like my year to adopt the Cardinals as my team. I lived in Phoenix for 50 years so it's not a random choice. With DeAndre Hopkins playing like he's a Cardinals veteran alongside the ever-reliable Larry Fitzgerald, I'm sure they're a fun team to watch and a nightmare to defend against. I'd like to become convinced that Bill O'Brien knows what he's doing, but the mountain of evidence to the contrary just keeps growing. — Greg G.
Q: If Houston played KC and Baltimore nine more times each, they would lose all nine to both teams. They're probably not in the top five in the AFC! These are the teams they must compete with just to reach a Super Bowl. Houston is not even in the conversation to win it all. This sucks again for loyal Houston fans begging for a winner. O'Brien is the problem, not the solution. I fear we have many years before being able to make and succeed in the playoffs. I see easily an 8-8 team this year. — Rhett D.
Q: I listen to Sports Radio 610 and read the comments from everyone and its all the same old thing — it’s O’Brien’s fault. When do all these high-priced prima donnas start hearing the comments about them? O’Brien got rid of Clowney because he wanted too much money, the same reason that he’s with his third team in three years. He got rid of Hopkins because he had three years left on the contract he signed. When is enough enough? These guys talk about helping people, then buy more cars or more jewelry or go to the strip clubs and make it rain. When do the owners that took the chance and spent their money to buy these teams say enough is enough and lock the doors and say no more, let’s get real on all these demands and I own the team and it’s my way or the highway? They don’t need the players — the players need them. — Tommy P.
Q: Football 101: You can't expect to win by trading away your best players. — Tim H.
Q: Bring DeAndre Hopkins back home. Please get rid of BOB, he's ruining the teams. Get rid of everyone in organization staff and the medical staff as well. — Billy W.
Q: I have lived in Houston and followed sports and Houston is just not a winning town. Look at the poor play in this year’s first two games. You gave them an F. I give them a big F-minus. Okay, you don't win every game, but you should be at the top. We had a few times where we did get to the top but not near enough. Now the best was the Luv Ya Blue days with Bum Phillips. The owner did not like Bum getting all the credit so off went Bum, down went the Oilers. Sports is just way out of control. Look at the pay they get, the best heart surgeon does not come anywhere near. Now the real problem is kneeling when our beautiful flag is presented and the national anthem is played. Protest is no problem as when done in a positive and proper manner. These kneelers have a nationwide audience. What a disgrace for this great country. Remember, these guys are able to kneel because of the veterans. Just find another place and method to protest. I look at the headstones of our military with KIA (Killed in Action) and look what they gave for little pay. This protesting by kneeling has to stop. I and many others no longer watch or purchase commodities from the advertisers. This virus will also hurt. . I stand for the veterans. — James M.
The Houston Chronicle’s Brian T. Smith discusses Texans coach Bill O’Brien’s curious decisions In their loss to the Ravens and whether anything has changed with the franchise. Video: Houston Chronicle Q: It all goes back to coaching and a head coach is only as good as the personnel around him. Frank Broyles passed that on to me a long time ago. And looks like he might have known what he was talking about. — Jim D.
Q: I couldn’t agree more with you on the grade you gave the Texans against the Ravens. It’s probably not too late or too early to get rid of O’Brien as we all figured they would start out slow. That being said even if they go 10-6, they’re nowhere near the quality of the Ravens or the Chiefs. They have way too many holes on defense and even though they’ve got some big-name wide receivers, they are not on the same page. And the defense is absolutely horrible. Why have Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins been able to get on the same page so quickly while the Texans are struggling? I looked at their schedule and based on how they’ve played even though it’s been only two weeks I figure them to be no better than 8-8. That being said, I think O’Brien should be fired. I don’t know who should replace him. It looks like trading Hopkins is a catastrophic mistake and trading Clowney he has also been a catastrophic mistake. Not resigning Reader is a catastrophic mistake. — Glen K.
A: Glen, why was trading Clowney a catastrophic mistake? He didn’t do much in his one season with Seattle and had fewer sacks than Jacob Martin. He’s still getting in shape with the Titans. Would you have given him a $100 million contract? Nobody else has. As for D.J. Reader, good against the run, but over the last nine games last season, including the playoffs, they allowed like 166 yards a game rushing. And they still can’t stop the run.
Q: Any idea why the Texans elected not to have crowd noise pumped into the stadium? Also, what the hell was Bill O’Brien thinking going forward on fourth and 1 on his own side of the field? — Jimmy B.
A: They had crowd noise, Jimmy, but they didn’t have the volume turned up. As for the fourth and 1, the Ravens blitzed and nobody picked it up and the pass was incomplete. Sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes you’re the windshield. OB was the bug.
Q: I am a Texans fan and will watch and try to be positive, but nothing helps. Why doesn't offensive line push these teams back? Why is our QB constantly trying to throw 30 yards? Why is our center always standing after a play, typically backward and not forward? — Stephen G.
A: The offensive line is off to a bad start against damn good defenses, Stephen. Watson is running for his life and trying to find receivers down the field, and he’s still thrown a lot of short passes.
Q: Your article said Bill O'Brien called the fourth-down tragedy. Later in the article it said Tim Kelly is calling the plays. It looks like an OB call to me. Is O'Brien still calling the plays and Kelly is just a puppet or what? I was ready to turn the game off right after that call. I knew how the rest of the game would go. More of the same with stupid offensive calls. Both KC and Baltimore have active, varied offenses. Coach puts Watson in a position where the offense can't even operate. He continues to try to jam up the middle with his running plays. Isn't there some creativity somewhere? — Chuck W.
A: Chuck, O’Brien made the decision to go for it, and Kelly called the play.
Q: No takeaways about the coaching? I know you graded them F in your report card. Just curious if you had a more profound opinion? Remember OB’s the GM as well. No opinion on any of his trades so far? I know it’s early but I don’t see progress but then again that’s why as fans we look to you for insight. — Francisco M.
A: Francisco, I wrote a column that included OB. I try not to duplicate things in my On the Texans column with my takeaways. Plus, I have to pay attention to what our columnists, Brian T. Smith and Jerome Solomon, are writing. Brian wrote about the fourth-and-1 call and quoted O’Brien. I wrote about it but didn’t quote Bill because we’re not supposed to duplicate quotes if we can avoid it. After a game, we try to cover every single angle in the Chronicle's print editions and on our sports website, Texas Sports Nation. As for OB’s trades, I’ve written about them often.
Q: Now that we are two games in, who is the best quarterback in the AFC South? I know I have heard a lot of hype suggesting Deshaun Watson is the best, but if you go with wins, he is not the best. If you prefer using stats, he is buried behind such stellar talents as Gardner Minshew, Baker Mayfield and Justin Herbert. He is so far below Ryan Tannehill, Deshaun would need a telescope to see up that far. So is it the QB, the O-line coach or the BOB that is the problem with Deshaun? What irked me the most about the coverage of the team is trying to blame the defense. The defense was not good against KC but they held the Ravens to 16 points through three quarters. The lone touchdown was set up by the first of three turnovers by the offense in the first quarter. When you go for fourth and 1 in your territory, you need to make it. Three offensive turnovers in the first half is awful. The defense did let down in the fourth quarter but you could see it coming with their body language. You could tell they knew what we all knew. This offense is awful and they were never coming back. It is going to be a long year. I hope Deshaun survives it. — Tim M.
A: Tim, they didn’t commit three turnovers in the first quarter. As for who’s the best QB in the AFC South, if you ask GMs and coaches around the NFL, I imagine everyone will tell you it’s Watson. You’re already written him off after two games against the best teams in the NFL.
Q: I had a chance to hear your national radio interview on the Sirius NFL station Sunday morning. I thought you were really informative and brutally objective and really gave the rest of the country a sense of how many of us feel here locally. My questions are: How do you prepare for these things? My sense is that you stay immersed in your subject matter and then almost speak a verbal article in the Chronicle. And when did you start feeling comfortable doing these things. Finally, thank you so much for speaking in complete sentences. — Ray M.
A: Thank you for listening, Ray, and taking the time to write. I do so many talk shows, podcasts, Zooms and a weekly television show and write six days a week for the Chronicle — every day but Saturday — and it just comes out when I open my big mouth. I love what I do, and I’m blessed to be doing it for a 45th year at the Chronicle. I try not to turn down anyone who calls me for a radio appearance, Zoom, podcast, etc. if I can work them in. I try to accommodate everyone on a weekly basis.
Q: I'm curious as to why Bill O'Brien never provides specific details on what the team needs to work on after a bad game. It's always, “We need to do better" types of comments. I don't know why he will not provide specific details to the media and fans. Why is he always so vague? — Dan W.
A: Dan, he addressed the bad run defense, Keke Coutee’s fumble, lack of consistency, etc., after the Baltimore loss. He does say they need to play and coach better. He’ll never single out players for criticism, and they appreciate it even if the fans don’t.
Q: I know it’s a long season, but how much longer are the McNairs going to tolerate Billy O’s slow starts and faith-based personnel decisions. For the better part of seven years we have been hearing Billy say, “We have to start faster.” And the last few years, Billy has let go of or traded the best players on the team — Duane Brown, Brandon Brooks, Ben Jones, Glover Quin, JD Clowney, D-Hopkins, D.J. Reader. How do other teams figure out how to pay all these guys but Billy can’t? I know it’s not all Billy’s fault, but after the past few years, shouldn’t the McNairs realize Billy’s a below-average coach, at best? — Louis L.
A: Geez, Louis, you’re so off base on some of your comments. Rick Smith traded Brown and let Quin go in free agency to sign Ed Reed. Brooks, Jones and Reader left in free agency. Would you have paid all of them what they wanted? Would you have paid Clowney $100 million? Teams have to make financial decisions on the salary cap. They can’t pay every player what he asks for. Nobody does.
Q: I am amazed what Jacksonville has done the first two games. Jay Gruden has Minshew playing rather well and his offense looks to be pretty good. Is it possible that Cal's football team is imploding and the brain trust he has in place doesn't know that it is happening? I kind of got excited when the KILT 610 talking heads were saying things about all the speed at WR, and having two RBs who can catch the ball as well as run. And the fact that there were three new coordinators, bringing in new ideas and things should be different and much better. Looks like the OC is simply a clone of the previous one. Not sure about the DC. I still see opposing WRs and TEs running free like last year, and as you have pointed out many times, the run defense has disappeared. But Anthony Weaver is not missing gap assignments and trying to arm tackle ball carriers. Several of the players have gotten paid, but Cal is not getting his money's worth so far. When you predicted an 0-3 start, I figured you probably were correct and I thought those losses would be 2- or 3-point affairs, much like 2018. What I am seeing this season reminds a whole lot of 2005. Seemingly good players and coaches, but terrible execution and suspect game plans. From what you have said and written, Cal will not be making any changes unless the wheels completely fall off. Right now, I think his organization might be riding on the rims, but the wheels are still turning. Albeit slowly. Before the Baltimore game started, I watched the last 20 minutes of Arlington and Atlanta. Can you imagine Cal's team ever doing what Jerry's team did in that game? I feel bad that you have to endure another season covering Cal's team. I would truly love to see you cover a championship team before you retire. — Dennis W.
A: Dennis, if they finish 2-14 like they did in 2005, I expect OB will be fired as Dom Capers was. But I don’t see them finishing 2-14.
Q: I'm holding off any opinion on Kahale Warring at this point thanks to Bennie Joppru, a second-round pick in 2003 who never played a game after going on IR three years in a row. He seems to have played in one game in his fourth year and wound up in Seattle getting into five games and was never heard of again. Saved on laundry bill never having to wash his uniform. It's so easy and fun to be mean when you are a fan. — Larry V.
A: Larry, unfortunately, when I see Warring going on IR for a second consecutive season, I think of Joppru, too. Unfortunately. Maybe he’ll figure it out and make something out of himself because he’s got talent but hasn’t learned how to use it.
Sign up for the Daily Playbook newsletter Texas sports are back! Get the latest scores, news and analysis. Enter your email By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of use and acknowledge that your information will be used as described in our Privacy Policy. Photo of John McClain John McClain Follow John on: mcclain_on_nfl John McClain, a Waco native who graduated from Baylor in 1975, is in his 45th year at the Houston Chronicle and his 44th covering the National Football League, including the Oilers and Texans. He worked for the Waco Tribune Herald from 1973-76, when he accepted a job with the Chronicle. to cover the original Houston Aeros of the World Hockey Association.
McClain has a plaque in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as the 2006 winner of the Dick McCann Memorial Award presented annually by the Pro Football Writers of America to a writer for his long and distinguished coverage of the NFL. He is past president of the Pro Football Writers of America. In 2019, he was voted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame’s second class of media inductees.
He's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Seniors Committee and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
In 2015, he was named as a Gridiron Legend in Texas, becoming the third member of the media behind Dave Campbell and Mickey Herskowitz. In 2019, he was voted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame's second class of media honorees.
McClain can be heard six times a week on the Texans' flagship station Sports Radio 610 in Houston. He also does weekly sports talk shows in Nashville, Knoxville, Waco, Austin and San Antonio.
McClain also has appeared in eight movies: The Rookie, The Longest Yard, Spring Breakers, Secretariat, Invincible, Cook County, The Game Plan and Make It Rain.
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2020.09.25 13:56 HagerEKU [US-KY] [H] Great Wall of Pops [W] Paypal

I have a little of everything for sale here. Take your pick and shoot me any questions. Shipping is $5 for one pop and an additional $2 for each pop after. More pics can be provided. Soft protectors can be added for $1


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2020.09.25 12:42 M-Culum Alternate Start for Foreigners

Alternate Start for Foreigners

Use this start if the players are foreigners to the Dale and are traveling from the South to reach it.
\"It's spring-nearly summer and the north winds aren't stopping whatsoever. I can't remember the last time it's been this cold! Someone ought to go up to Ten-Towns and see what's goin' on over there. The Frost Gods be going mad, I tell you!\"

Journey narration from R.A. Salvatore's "The Crystal Shard"

Read the excerpt below when the game begins in earnest but remember to edit it further to account for the harsh blizzards after the first week. This could also involve finding remains of ransacked or ruined caravans that could've been carrying chardalyn to the South or any standard trade good.
You may also be inclined to allude to the horrid magical rime of the Frostmaiden, the scattered chardalyn veins along the mountains and the duergar that seek it, and the twilight/aurora that washes over the sky, or even describe the party laying eyes on the Frostmaiden herself as she soars through the sky and eerily peers down at the party. Feel free to sprinkle in a spooky encounter to raise the tension or set the mood.
Along the road after the first week, the party could end up threatened by a furious blizzard and be forced to take refuge in a mountainside cave where you can put any manner of horrible or beneficial things. Perhaps the cave was the home of a wendigo or yeti, with many bones scattered around, or mayhap it is the home of a good-natured dragon or winter fey that impart knowledge and advice about the Dale upon the party.
"When you finally saw the snow-capped peak of Kelvin's Cairn rising from the flat horizon, you felt more than a little relieved. The hard journey from Luskan to the remote frontier settlement known as Ten-Towns has taken you more than three weeks.
The first week hadn't been too difficult. The caravan held close to the Sword Coast, and though it was traveling along the northernmost reaches of the Realms, the summer breezes blowing in off the Trackless Sea gave enough comfort.
But when the trail rounded the westernmost spurs of the Spine of the World, the mountain range that many considered the northern boundary of civilization, and turned into Icewind Dale, you quickly understood why you have had been advised against making this journey. Icewind Dale, a thousand square miles of barren, broken tundra, had been described to you as one of the most unwelcoming lands in all the Realms, and within a single day of traveling on the northern side of the Spine of the World, you almost considered the reputation well-earned. Bordered by impassable mountains on the south, an expanding glacier on the east, and an unnavigable sea of countless icebergs on the north and east, Icewind Dale was attainable only through the pass between the Spine of the World and the coast, a trail rarely used by any but the most hardy of merchants.
For the rest of your lives, two memories would ring clear in the your minds whenever you'd think bout this trip, two facts of life on Icewind Dale that travelers here never forgot. The first was the endless moaning of the wind, as though the land itself was continuously groaning in torment. And the second was the emptiness of the dale, mile after mile of gray and brown horizon lines.
Your journey's destination marked the only varying features in all the dale - ten small towns positioned around the three lakes of the region, under the shadow of the only mountain, Kelvin's Cairn."
After the players reach the vicinity of Ten-Towns, it is logical to send them to Bryn Shander right away, as that is the nearest location to the mountain passes to the south, but you may be inclined to give them a choice to travel to a different town instead. This is however illogical, as it would involve completely avoiding the safe haven of Bryn Shander and trudging through the Arctic without any semblance of a trail or beaten path. They could also, of course, simply go through Bryn Shander and go on their way towards the East or West.
A sheriff's deputy named Augrek Brighthelm often stands watch at the southwest gate. She delights in greeting first-time visitors to town. In fact, she has a well-rehearsed speech that makes some of the other guards at the gate roll their eyes:
"Well met, travelers! Keep yer fingers and extremities under wraps, lest Auril bite them off! Mind yer tempers, and you'll be most welcome here! Brought goods to sell? The market lies straight ahead. Craving a warm drink? May I recommend a drop of Firebeard's Firebrandy, sold only at Kelvin's Comfort, located on yer right as you enter the market square!"
Despite the warm nature of her speech, there is a tangible sense of sadness in her eyes and voice. With a DC 13 Insight Check the players will get the feeling that something is amiss. If asked about it, she will respond by saying that she is very concerned about Icewind Dale due to the Rime of the Frostmaiden, the twilight, the sacrifices and the rest of the vile things going on in Ten-Towns.
Read more about Bryn Shander below.

OPTIONAL Prelude Quest: Woes of a Luskanite

As the party is about to begin their journey, it is inevitable that they have to go through or around Luskan. IF (big if) you feel compelled to explore the pirate theme, the party could be approached by a rowdy sailor seeking their help.
This man is Jorn Weatherstorm (CN male illuskan human bandit), and he is desperate to find his parrots that fled into the local woods, east of Luskan. He will explain that he stole a scroll from a mage of the Arcane Brotherhood, and in return, that mage cast a horrific spell on his loyal parrot companions, named Greenzie and Red-Beak. The parrots grew to massive proportions and began to fly around the city, terrorizing locals. After awhile, the parrots flew east, towards Blackford Crossing. They are now currently flying around the local woods, and Jorn is anxious to kill them.
"Arr, can't do nothin' for em' now. Gots ta' put em' out of their misery. Don't want em' flappin aroun' the place all oversized an' monstrous. I love them stupid bird-brains but it is what it is."
What Jorn doesn't know, is that the scroll that he stole is a Scroll of Dispel Magic. This scroll can be used to undo the spell that was cast on either Greenzie or Red-Beak.
It is fairly easy to find one or both of the birds, as they screech extremely loudly, giving away their location. When the players go towards the screeching sound, roll and consult the following table to see where the parrots are. The parrots are extremely perceptive and will attack the party as soon as they arrive. The parrots are frenzied and fight to the death. If only one parrot is encountered, the other isn't far, and the screeching gives it away once again.
1d6 Encounter
1-2 Both parrots are present and fighting each other. They each start with only 5 health.
3-4 Greenzie
5-6 Red-Beak
For Red-Beak, use the Giant Owl statblock with 15 health. For Greenzie, use the Giant Owl statblock again, with only 10 health and with the following action added to it.
Acid Spit: +3 to hit, range 30/60 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d6+1) acid damage.
Greenzie will always prefer to stay at a range of 30ft. and spit acid.
If the scroll is used on one of the parrots, it simply transforms back into a harmless tiny bird (use the raven statblock) and flies down to land on Jorn's shoulder. Whatever the outcome, if the players manage to neutralize both parrots, Jorn will reward them with a sack of 20 gold pieces and a dagger that belonged to his previous captain. He will gift the the surviving tiny parrot to the party as a pet. The parrot will, however, fly away towards the south once the players reach Icewind Dale, as the temperature is way too cold for the creature.

RECOMMENDED Prelude Quest: Goods for Bryn Shander

There's a caravan that's stopped in Blackford Crossing, owned by a timid and fearful caravneer named Morgran Silverfist (LG male shield dwarf commoner). His guards have been savaged by a Many-Arrows orc ambush along the Blackford Road and only one guard remains, a wise and reserved dragonborn named Loremark the Silent (LG male dragonborn guard). The caravan is being drafted by two brown draft horses and is carrying is 4 gallons of off-brand Mirrabaran rotgut and various metal goods (it is up to the DM to decide what these items are, if it is pertinent). Morgran Silverfist is extremely anxious about the journey, and will pay the party 20 gold each to help accompany him to the tavern of Kelvin's Comfort in Bryn Shander.
The caravan will travel along the Northern Means, turning right at the crossroads into Ten-Trail, stopping once a day for a long rest. This means that there are 20 stops total, not counting stopping for a full day in Hundelstone. There is no need to fully narrate and role-play this journey, it could simply be done using the excerpt above. Feel free to add encounters and omens as described at the start of the post.
The caravan will arrive to Hundelstone after 9 days of travel and stop there for one full day to restock on rations and recouperate. Hundelstone is in a bad condition due to Auril's storms, and is way more desolate than usual. One notable resident of Hundelstone is an inventor named Thwip Ironbottom (CG male rock gnome commoner). A spy for the Harpers, Thwip keeps an eye on strangers passing through town and uses a sending stone to stay in touch with Beldora, a Harper spy in Bryn Shander.
After 15 more days, the caravan will reach Bryn Shander. Morgran Silverfist and Loremark will be grateful for the help, and make his way to Kelvin's Comfort after paying the party.

Bryn Shander Enhanced

Kelvin's Comfort
Kelvin's Comfort is the most popular tavern in Bryn Shander after the Northlook, owing to its extensive stock of dwarven ales and brandies. (If you use this tavern instead of the Northlook, it is suggested that you move Ol' Bitey here). The common room is bedecked with dwarven craft of Battlehammer make, but most of the liquors are imported from Mirabar, on the other side of the Spine of the World. The one Ten-Towns specialty of note is a treacly mead from Good Mead, a neighboring settlement. If the party orders this mead, the server will mention the following:
"In Good Mead, the town speaker was recently killed by a nine-foot-tall giant. Rumor has it the giant stole a shipment of honey mead, without which a handful of taverns in Ten-Towns might go dry!"
Caravan masters and guards with plenty of coin often come here, as do visiting dwarves from Kelvin's Cairn, who carry edible mushrooms for the tavern that are grown in underground plantations. The proprietor of Kelvin's Comfort is Ogden Flamebeard (NG male shield dwarf commoner), who has a temper as fiery as his signature drink-the Mirabarran rotgut he gets for cheap from Morgran Silverfist and rebottles as Flamebeard's Firebrandy (reselling it at a sizable markup).
One heavily bundled figure commonly seen loitering outside the tavern is a haggard, homeless young woman named Beldora (CG female human commoner). She wears boots that are much too big for her feet, and thick gloves made from walrus hide. She earns coin by helping to tend other folks' campfires, staying warm and overhearing rumors at the same time. Beldora's secret is that she's a Harper agent. She likes to huddle next to strangers and learn what they know. She conceals a sending stone on her person and uses it once a day to pass along information to Thwip Ironbottom, a Harper agent based in Hundelstone.
(If you are using the "Cold-Hearted Killer" quest) One of the patrons of Kelvin's Comfort is Sir Baric Nylef (LG male illuskan human veteran), a knight of Tyr and a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. He's hoping that a few shots of Flamebeard's Firebrandy will keep a nasty cold at bay while he keeps an eye out for the Killer of Icewind Dale. If the party reveals their intention to hunt down the killer, he is willing to help them look. If the party decides to go eastwards, he will go west, and vice versa, to cover more ground. Eventually, he will want to meet up with the party back in Kelvin's Comfort to see if they've found the killer or not.
(If you are using the "Nature Spirits" quest) Dannika Graysteel (LN half-elf acolyte) could also be present and sharing concerns with patrons about small elemental creatures, perhaps petitioning a few young human NPCs to go and try to complete the quest without the intervention of the PCs. The patrons are naturally hesitant, dismissing Dannika as a witch or crazy person.
(If you are using the "Foaming Mugs" quest) Hruna, Korux and Storn; dwarves of the Battlehammer mining clan are sitting in one part of the tavern and having some ales. They seem slightly desperate, and are willing to approach the party to ask them to retrieve their missing shipment of iron ore.
House of the Triad
Bryn Shander's largest place of worship, the only one that truly deserves to be called a temple, is an impressive stone edifice built by the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn. The House of the Triad stands about halfway between the southwest gate and the central market. It honors the three gods known as the Triad: Tyr, the god of justice; Torm, the god of courage and self-sacrifice; and Ilmater, the god of endurance in the face of suffering.
The temple is attended and maintained by visiting priests and acolytes from Neverwinter and Waterdeep, who usually stay for no more than two years before returning whence they came. At present, the temple is home to a priest of Torm from Neverwinter named Dellvon Ludwig (LG male Illuskan human priest) and his faithful friend, Sirac of Suzail.
Speaker's Palace
The Speaker's Palace is the private residence of the town speaker. The "palace" part of its name is an overstatement, compared to such buildings elsewhere in the world. Yet, fashioned by dwarves out of cut stone, with a pitched slate roof and a colonnade in front, the palace is so out of place among the rough wood dwellings in Bryn Shander that it looks as if it had been magically transported here from some other region of Faerûn.
Town Hall
Bryn Shander's town hall is the largest building that borders the central square. It is reserved for community feasts and gatherings on various holy days and other notable events. The hall can also accommodate refugees from neighboring settlements in times of emergency. In the back of the hall is a short flight of stone steps that lead down to a sunken cellar with walls of frozen, hard-packed earth. The cellar has been converted into a sheriff's office and an adjoining jail cell. The sheriff, Markam Southwell, spends little time here, and the jail cell is usually unoccupied. When troublemakers need to be locked up, two deputies (LN male or female Illuskan human guards) are assigned to watch over them. Sheriff Southwell carries the key to the cell door, which can be picked open with thieves' tools and a successful DC 15 Dexterity check. If the guards need to get into the cell for some reason, one of them leaves to fetch the sheriff while the other waits.
Rendaril's Emporium
This is the largest trade house in Bryn Shander, on the site of the original cabin around which the town sprang up. The entrance facing the market square serves as the storefront, where visitors can view an assortment of the finest goods for sale in all of Ten-Towns: fishing rods fashioned from elven yew, yeti-skin coats with scrimshaw buttons, mithral fishhooks, axe heads and daggers crafted by the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn, and more. Around the back of the building is an entrance for wholesalers, where caravan traders offload their stock and local adventurers sell pelts and tusks collected on their travels. The owner, Rendaril (CG male half-elf commoner), is a shrewd merchant who learned his trade in the cutthroat markets of Waterdeep. More coin passes through his hands in a week than most other businesses in Bryn Shander see in a season.

Locations along the way

Feel free to use these locations from the Forgotten Realms along the journey and modify them to your liking to suit your needs. These are here only to provide something for the party to do along the way, to set the mood and contrast with the great isolation that the players will have to contend with later. Keep in mind that the Rime of the Frostmaiden does not take place here, but could affect these locations, so feel free to insert the cold influence of Auril wherever the party goes. (But to a FAR lesser extent than in Icewind Dale.)
Mirabar is the richest city of the North by far. It sits atop a knoll on the north side of the Mirar River like an unassailable fortress, enclosed on all sides by sloped outer walls as wide at the base as many city blocks in Waterdeep. Defenders can fire arrows down from atop the walls, or, in winter, pour water down them to make ice slides. There is no shortage of stone and weaponry. Even the docks have battlements and fortifications.
Visitors to Mirabar often wonder why they don't see more dwarves, as humans make up the majority of the city's surface dwellers. Another city lies just below the surface, and that place is dominated by dwarves. Underground, Mirabar is a city of lit residential caverns, superheated forges, foundries that operate day and night, and tunnels leading to the mines.
Mirabar's marchion, Selin Ramur (LN male Damaran human noble), meets with the other members of the Lords' Alliance to ensure that Mirabar's interests aren't ignored. While the marchion handles foreign policy, true power within the city rests with the Council of Sparkling Stones, a group of dwarf elders that manages the city's security and decides where the output of Mirabar's mines are sold.
The City of Sails often conjures romantic images of a magnificent port metropolis, majestic merchant galleons with bright sails, and dashing swashbucklers who greet their enemies with a playful wink and a tip of the hat.
In reality, Luskan is anything but that. It's a dirty dive with filthy streets, squat buildings, ramshackle docks, creaky old longships, and crass pirates thinly disguised as sea traders. Rising above the fog and the stench is the Hosttower of the Arcane, home of a league of greedy, power-hungry wizards called the Arcane Brotherhood. Their ghastly tower branches into multiple thinner spires at the top. From a distance, the Hosttower might be mistaken for a giant, leafless tree. To those who have the misfortune of seeing it up close, it looks like a clawed hand bursting out of the ground, each of its fingers a tower with many peering windows.
Five High Captains rule the city. Each one is a glorified pirate lord who controls a fleet of longships. The five fleets serve many purposes: they defend Luskan against seafaring barbarians and other enemies, they conduct legitimate sea trade up and down the Sword Coast, and they raid and plunder the island kingdoms to the west (and the occasional settlement on the Sword Coast). The High Captains have no influence over the actions of the Arcane Brotherhood, nor is it apparent that the wizards have any allegiance to Luskan.
Blackford Crossing
Straddling the Mirar River, Blackford Crossing is an excellent trading post for those going south or coming from either Mirabar or Luskan and want to exchange wares instead of going the whole way themselves. It is mostly packed with travelers who are passing through, but want to avoid Luskan entirely due to it's horrid and well-earned reputation. Dwarves and Luskanites alike set up shop here, and the road is often traveled by vagrants and caravans from faraway lands. Several caravans from Mirabar stop here to prepare for the three-week journey to Icewind Dale.
Blackford Road
This trade trail runs east from Luskan to Mirabar. The road is named for a little-used ford across the River Mirar that allows travelers to avoid Luskan should they wish. Caravan masters have many other names for the road, none of them flattering: Auril's Ride, the Stygian Road, Ol' Frozenfinger, and the Dead Yeti Highway, to name a few. Where the road spans the Black Raven River, south of Raven Rock, stands a stone bridge with broken statues of rearing horses at each end.
Northern Means
The Northern Means is a snowy, windswept trail that connects the city of Luskan to the frozen lands of the high north. The trail all but disappears during the winter, buried under deep snow. Moreover, the area has few trees or hills to provide shelter.
Ten-Trail is a precarious road leading through a mountain pass through the Spine of the world. Hundelstone is the only settlement along this road, and lies at it's highest peak. Deadly blizzards imposed by the Rime of the Frostmaiden ravage this road, and it is only traveled by the most hardy of caravneers. It is likely that travelers that pass through here will encounter either a blizzard or an avalanche, as well as the remains of those that have tried to pass but came ill-prepared.
At the highest elevations along Ten Trail, only a few shrubs cling to life amid patches of moss-covered rock. Travelers on this route eventually come to Hundelstone, perching on the mountain slopes much like the surrounding flora. The town's buildings are low, with most of their rooms cut out of the hard soil and rock below ground level, and their roofs steeply pitched to better shed the snows that blanket the mountains in the winter. The shield dwarves and rock gnomes in Hundelstone get a chuckle out of warning visitors to stoop low as they walk about town, lest they be blown away by the wind.
For most people, Hundelstone is either the last outpost of civilization before taking the pass north to Icewind Dale or the first welcome sign of refuge after making the wearying trip back. Many of the dwarves and gnomes here spend their days excavating tunnels, mining ore, or smelting and smithing the local iron and tin. (Adventurers who venture down into these tunnels might be surprised to find that some of them descend for miles, in some cases all the way to the Underdark.) Hundelstone's few score human residents are mostly sellswords or would-be adventurers who earn a living as caravan guards or beast hunters in the crags.
One notable resident of Hundelstone is an inventor named Thwip Ironbottom (CG male rock gnome commoner). A spy for the Harpers, Thwip keeps an eye on strangers passing through town and uses a sending stone to stay in touch with Beldora, a Harper spy in Bryn Shander.

Remember to change stuff around! Don't assume any of this is set in stone! Best of luck DM-ing!

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2020.09.25 08:26 Laeno Seeking feedback on encounter design!

So if you're running Storm King's Thunder with Bredella, Buggy, Corgael, Swag, and Wort, don't click the spoiler
I'm looking for some feedback on an encounter I've designed--Is it too hard, too complicated, whatever feedback is appreciated. I apologize for the length and that I can't make the formatting better while still using the spoiler tag. I'm running a sidequest for a character arc, at the end of SKT. So the party should be around 12-13. It's 5 of them, wizard, cleric, druid, barb/bard, and rangerogue. The quest for the party was started by asking an oracle (during Storm King's Thunder) "Where is the secret to the longevity of life?" by the wizard, who is a gnome who "accidentally" turned to necromancy in her pursuit of extending/expanding life (with good intentions, as she didn't want things to die of old age, etc.) I responded, by improvising, "In the humid south, the land of the lazy, dangerous lizards" with this idea that the party would go find the fountain of youth, in the D&D world (referencing Florida where Ponce de Leon landed, and crocodiles, which I'll replace with either giant crocs, etc). My lead up to this will be heading to a village, near the fountain of youth, but all who drink from it eventually become uncontrollably angry, withdrawn, or suffer from some other ill effect. Those who do not continue to drink of the waters perish. Many have come to the area to seek the source, and explore the cave systems in the area, hoping to drink from the spring itself for immortality without the ill effects. I'll set up a series of encounters involving travelling to the fountain, and an underground cave system/dungeon crawl, with the goal of having 4-6 encounters prior to the trap/room below (and will likely have a battlemap drawn up for them for the room). I've also tried to design and write it out in such a way that I can eventually share/publish it for others.
Entry Text: You come into a large chamber, with a gentle slope to the bottom, with a high, arched roof. A large yellow glowing orb shines like a dim sun in the middle of the room, floating 10 feet above a dark pool of water that reflects it's luminosity. Surrounding the orb are six pale blue crystals of varying shapes, reflecting brilliant light throughout the chamber.. Assorted bones and discarded possessions litter the room. The only movement in the room is water, large globules coming up from the pool, coursing over the orb, and dripping upward into a lighter, glowing pool above. Drip... drip... drip...
The cave is essentially circular, with a radius of 30 feet, centered on the large glowing orb, which floats 10 feet above the pool, and 10 feet below the ceiling above. Water occasionally drips back down from the ceiling. The crystals are spread evenly in a circle around the orb, approximately 15 feet from it. There is only the one entrance to the chamber.
Complex trap (Level 11-14; Dangerous)
Trigger: Activates when crystal or orbs touched, or when more than 3 lifeforms are within 20 feet for > 1 minute (adjust for size of party).
Initiative: Central Orb activates on initiative 20, and Crystals activate on Initiative 10.
Central Orb: Pulses a 30 foot radius (the entire chamber) with dark energy, adsorbing any living creature's life force, forcing a constitution save, taking 6d10 Necrotic Damage on a failed save, or half as much on a success. Promise of Everlasting Life: Creatures must also succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or move their move speed towards the central orb, or half that on a success.
Crystals: Pulse in a 15 foot radius centered on each crystal. Any non-undead creature in the radius is afflicted by the Contagion spell (DM may pick, or roll a d6 to choose a random effect).
Dynamic Element: Each round, the central orb's necrotic pulse becomes stronger, sucking life into the pool, increasing damage by 2d10.
Countermeasure Examples:
Central Orb: Dispel magic (DC 18 to reduce 3d10, DC 15 for 2d10, and DC 12 for 1d10 damage reduction), stops if damage reaches 0 dice. For attacks, AC 20, Damage Threshold 10, HP 30, and resistant to nonmagical piercing and slashing damage. Crystals: Dispel magic (DC 15 to deactivate). AC 18, Damage Threshold 6, HP 20, resistant to nonmagical piercing and slashing damage.
Deactivating 4 of 6 crystals disables the trap, causing the central orb to crash to the pool below. If a player is directly below the orb, they must make a dexterity saving throw, DC 15 to dodge out of the way or take 2d10 bludgeoning damage on a failure.
Fully dispelling or destroying the main orb causes the crystals to pulse 5 feet less on each subsequent turn, until they stop completely at a radius of 0 feet. The Promise of Everlasting Life effect also ceases when the Central Orb is destroyed.
Exit Doors: May be unlocked with thieves tools (DC 20), or forced open with athletics check (DC 24). Knock may also open the door (consider decreasing DC of other checks for a more challenging encounter). Use the above as a guide for other creative solutions from your players.
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2020.09.25 05:12 theOnlyMilkToast the Library Door

Greetings - I made an item!
This is for a player of mine who wants to be on a quest for knowledge - they don't care what they find, but only are interested in keeping it. I wanted to make it useful and mechanically cool, but not game-breakingly so. Can you guys comment on any holes you see?
A small, ornately carved wooden door, three feet tall by one-and-a-half wide. On the outside of the door is a hasp with a locked padlock. Unfortunately, there is no second hasp, nor is there a key to the lock.
When the Library Door is placed on a solid wall at least six inches thick, the door can be opened to the Library, an extradimensional space designed to preserve knowledge.
The Library is approximately eight feet wide by forty feet long by four feet tall. The walls are covered in shelves, containing many books and tomes. Small niches interrupt the shelves in isolated places, containing special items and other treasures. Few doors open out of the main room - glimpses through these doors reveal similar rooms, though none appear to contain books. Each time the door to the Library is closed, the niches and shelves rearrange to a new pattern, even adding doors where none existed before.
The Library is administered by an oversized ferret named Henry (pronounced ohn-ree, the French way). Henry wears a red vest and fez, and seems hunched over with the effects of age. Henry can read, and communicates in a particularly profane form of sign language. He will only communicate with or work for those creatures who have presented him with a special gift - an ornate book or manuscript.
Henry maintains the organization of the books and guards the treasures of knowledge within. He appears to favor organizing the books by size, an odd and pretty useless way of categorizing knowledge. Henry will always accept a gift of any item, and freely loans out the knowledge within the Library.

To obtain information from the Library:

The DM sets the DC as required, according to the following guide:

Rules and limitations:
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2020.09.25 04:07 sonicnevets [US-UT][H]Angel & Faith Library Edition, Valiant Deluxe, Marvel Epics and DC TPB/HC [W] PayPal, Trades

Hello. Pics are available, let me know if any titles are not there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm willing to be haggled with, and if something's too pricey check my trade wants, maybe you have something I need. For shipping, I'll give the total based on how many are bought at once after I receive a ZIP code. I already have all the supplies available so I'll only charge for Media Mail postage.
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Superman Strange Attractors $10
Thunderbolts Classic Vol 1 2nd Edition $22
Larfleeze Vol 2 $5
She-Hulks Hunt for the Intelligencia $4
War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath HC $10
All-New, All Different Power Man and Iron Fist The Comedy of Death $5
X-Termination $8
X-Force Necrosha $9
Secret Six Vol 4$10
Trade Wants: X-Men Bishop's Crossing, Marvel Omnis (Ultimate DoSM, Hulk Vol 1, Death of Cap, Cap Lives), Valiant Deluxe Editions (Book of Death, Armor Hunters, Rai), JLI Omnibus Vol 1 2nd Printing.
Note: Bold titles are cross-posted.
submitted by sonicnevets to comicswap [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 02:17 char-o-latte [Sell][US] Name your price (within reason!) on lots of High-End stuff! Tom Ford, Chantecaille, Cle de Peau, Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder, Sisley, Dior, Guerlain, Clarisonic, etc.

Shipping: (US Only)
Have a good shop!
Product Price Note
Burberry- Wet and Dry Silk Shadow: Pale Barley $15
Charlotte Tilbury- The Icon Eyeshadow Palette $35
MAC: Eyeshadow: Light Neutral Satin Pink $3
Nars- Dual Intensity Shadow: Dione $10 Nars Eye Bundle: $25
Nars: Dual Intensity Eye Shadow- Kari $10 Nars Eye Bundle: $25
Nars- Eye Shadow: Night Clubbing $8 Nars Eye Bundle: $25
Nars- Eyeshadow: Stud $10 Nars Eye Bundle: $25
Natasha Denona: Single Eyeshadow- #43P Smoky Quartz $12
Surratt- Brow Pencil: Auburn $12
Tom Ford: Eye Color Duo- 04 AW16 $18
Tom Ford: Eye Color Quad- 31 Sous Le Sable $70 3x
Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder: Eye Metals Eyeshadow- 01 Bitter Clove $40
Product Price Note
Chantecaille: Cheek Shade- Emotion (Bee- Philanthropy) $28
Cle de Peau: Cheek Color Duo & Case- 103 $45
Cle de Peau- Radiant Cushion Foundation: I10 $30 0.5
Decorte- AQ Meliority Foundation: 401 $40 5x
Dior- Prestige Le Cushion Teint de Rose: 010 $35 3x
Giorgio Armani- Luminous Silk Foundation (Mini): 2 $30
Giorgio Armani- Power Fabric Concealer: 1 $25 5x
Givenchy- Teint Couture Balm: 1 Nude Porcelain $10 10x
La Mer- Soft Fluid Longwear Foundation: Porcelain 01 $70
La Mer- The Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation + Refill: Pink Porcelain 01 $60 50% of in-compact cushion, refill BNIB
Lancome- Cushion Blush Subtil- 32 Splash Corail $10 50%
Sensai- Luminous Sheer Foundation: LS101 Light Beige $35 5x
Sisley- Instant Eclat Base Lumiere (Instant Glow Primer) $35 5x
Suqqu- Face Protector SPF 50 PA ++++ $18 0.5
Suqqu- Radiant Cream Concealer: N-01 $25 10x
Tatcha: The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment- Moonlight $25 75% remaining
Tom Ford- Flawless Glow Foundation: 04 Rose $40
Tom Ford- Concealing Pen: 1.0 $25 10x
Tom Ford- Soleil Contouring Compact: 03 Nude Glow $60
Tom Ford: Soleil Sheer Cheek Duo- Lissome $45
Tom Ford- Traceless Touch Cushion Foundation: 0.5 Porcelain $45 5x
Product Price Note
By Terry- Rouge Expert Click Stick: 17 My Red $12 5x
Bite: Matte Creme Lip Color- Peche $8 DC
Charlotte Tilbury: Matte Recolution Lipstick- Red Carpet Red $8
Dior: Diorific Mat- 430 Radieuse $20 LE, Dior Lip Bundle: $50
Dior: Diorific Mat- 440 Charm $10 LE, Dior Lip Bundle: $50
Dior: Diorific Mat- 440 Charm $30 LE, BNIB, Dior Lip Bundle: $50
Fresh: Sugar Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15- Coral $5
Guerlain: Rouge G- Merveilleux Rose (867) $30 LE, Guerlain Lip Bundle: $40
Guerlain: Maxi Velvet- Fleur de Givre No. M72 $15 LE
MAC: Cremesheen Lipstick- Crosswires $8
Milani- Color Statement Lipliner: Haute Pink $Free
Rodin Ollio Lusso: Luxury Lip & Cheek Oil- Lilium $15 LE
Sephora Collection- Matte Lip Cream: #20 $Free
Sisley: Phyto Lip Twist Mat- 18 Red $25
Tom Ford- Lip Blush: Soleil $35
Tom Ford- Lip Lacquer Luxe: 08 Overpower (Matte) $35 5x
Tom Ford- Moisturecore Lip Color: 06 Carriacou $18
Tom Ford- Moisturecore Lip Color: 07 Paradiso $18
Tom Ford: Lip Color Lipstick- Cherry Lush $30
Tom Ford: Lip Color Lipstick- Best Revenge $30
Tom Ford: Lips & Boys- Logan $15
Tom Ford: Lips & Boys- Giacomo $15
Tom Ford: Lip Color Sheer Lipstick- Carriacou $5 Broken at base, should be depotted
Product Price Note
Chikuhodo- 2016 Noel Violet Eye Shadow Brush $45
Clarisonic: Mia 2, Stand, Foundation Head, and Cleansing Head $75
Sale Pending
submitted by char-o-latte to makeupexchange [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 02:01 Mafnas22 (SELLING) Added a ton of codes for MA / Vudu / iTunes. Star Wars SAGA, Deadwood Series, Entourage Series, Game Of Thrones, plus collection sets! I have a $4 section and below list. New shipment of Disney codes added! Large list of 4Ks at bottom of list. See entire list.

Prices are firm
Venmo - CashApp - ppFF
Take a look at the bottom of listing for Terms Of Sale
Codes are verified again right before sending to you
ISO: Justice League vs Fatal Five. + Wonder Woman Bloodlines. — Nothing else, have every other DC Animated.
Also, looking to purchase exclusive skins for Fortnite (Xbox One only) as well. Skins primarily after Season 5. Everything before that my husband already owns.
————————————— Star Wars COMPLETE SAGA 10-Movie Set for GooglePlay — These will PORT to all services if linked
All x10 films in HD for $40
1 Phantom Menace + 2 Attack Of The Clones + 3 Revenge Of The Sith + 4 New Hope + 5 Empire Strikes Back + 6 Return Of The Jedi + 7 Force Awakens + 8 Last Jedi + 9 Rise Of Skywalker + 10 Rogue One A Star Wars Story
Will ONLY separate 7-9 + Rogue One for $15
Will NOT separate 1-6
—————🔥 DEALS
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $3.50 V
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $3.50 i
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $3.50 GP
In loving memory of Chadwick Boseman
Black Panther - $2 GP (LOTS AVAILABLE)
Black Panther - $2 MA (LOTS AVAILABLE)
Boardwalk Empire - Complete Series - $30 iTunes / $30 GP
Deadwood - Complete Series - $25 GP / $35 Vudu or $25 if you spend additional $25
Entourage - Complete Series - Season 1-8 - $40 GP
Game Of Thrones - Season 1-7 ONLY - $45 GP or FREE with any $70 purchase (Have given lots of these away already and still stocked up)
Hannibal - Complete Series - $15 Vudu
True Blood - Complete Series - $20 GP / $25 iTunes
Wire - Complete Series - ~~$25 GP / $30 Vudu / $30 iTunes or FREE with $45 purchase~~
———————————————— 4K Disney / Marvel / Pixar
Aladdin - ANIMATED - MA $6
Avengers - Endgame - MA $5
Avengers - Infinity War - MA $5
Brave - MA $7
Call Of The Wild - MA $6
Captain Marvel - MA $6
Cars - MA $6
Frozen 1 - MA $5
Good Dinosaur - MA $7
Lion King - 2019 - MA $7
Lion King - ANIMATED - MA $7
Thor 1 - MA $9
Thor 2 - Dark World - MA $9
Thor 3 - Ragnarok - MA $7
Zootopia - MA $6
——————————————— TV Shows
Chernobyl 5-Part Miniseries - V $9
Game Of Thrones - Seasons 1-7 ONLY - iTunes $50
Game Of Thrones - Complete Series - Vudu $55 / iTunes $55
Gotham - Season 1 - V $7
Outlander - Season 1 V1 + Season 1 V2 + Season 2 + Season 3 - V $35
Supernatural Season 10 - V $9
Supernatural Season 11 - V $9
Supernatural Season 12 - V $9
Supernatural Season 13 - V $9
Walking Dead - Season 7 - V $8
———————————————- Collection Sets
007 Daniel Craig 3-Movie - V $15
Batman 4-Film - Batman + Returns + Forever + And Robin - MA $17
Batman ANIMATED Series + BOTH Bonus Movies - $45
Die Hard 5-Movie - MA / Vudu $22
Hobbit 3-Movie - All x3 Extended films - MA $30
Hotel Transylvania 3-Movie - MA SDs $14
Insidious Chapter 2 + Chapter 3 + Last Key - MA SD $10
Leprechaun Collection - V $22
4K Mission Impossible 6-Movie Collection - VUDU $30
4K Mission Impossible 6-Movie Collection - ITUNES $30
Mission Impossible 4-6 - Ghost Protocol + Rogue Nation + Fallout - HDX Vudu $6.50
Mummy Trilogy - Mummy + Returns + Tomb Of The Dragon Empire - MA $10
Open Season Trilogy - MA SD $14
Rick And Morty - Season 1-3 - V $25
Saw 8-Film - GP / V $22
Smurfs 3-Movie - MA $15
Spider-Man 4-Film - Homecoming + Far From Home + Into The Spider-Verse + Venom - MA $22
Tremors 6-Movie Collection - MA $35
Trolls 1 + Trolls 2 - World Tour - MA $14
Universal Monsters 6-Movie Collection - MA $25
———————————————- HDs / HDX — $5 EACH
Angry Birds Movie - MA
Annabelle 2 - Comes Home - MA $8
BlacKkKlansman - MA $7
Book Of Life - MA / V / i $6
Carrie - 2013 - V / GP
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 - MA
Crank 2 - High Voltage - i
Crazy Rich Asians - MA $8
Deadpool 2 - Super Duper Cut - MA / V / GP $6
Doom - Annihilation - MA $8
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold - V
Dr Seuss The Grinch - MA $8
Emoji Movie - MA
Equilibrium - GP $9
Ex Machina - V $7
Ferdinand - MA / V / GP $6
Game Night - MA $6
Geostorm - MA $7
Getaway - MA $6
Ghostbusters - Answer The Call - Extended - MA
Glass - MA $6
Good Boys - MA $7
Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween - MA $7
Halloween - 2018 - MA
Hereditary - V $6
Hidden Figures - MA / V / GP
Hobbit 1 - An Unexpected Journey - EX - MA $9
Hobbit 2 - Desolation Of Smaug - EX - MA $9
Hobbit 3 - Battle Of The Five Armies - EX - MA $9
Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York - MA / i / V / GP
House With A Clock In Its Walls - MA $6
Jumanji 1 - Welcome To The Jungle - MA
Jurassic Park 1 - MA
Jurassic Park 2 - Lost World - MA
Jurassic Park 3 - MA
Jurassic World - PART 4 - MA
Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom - PART 5 - MA
Just Mercy - MA $8
Justice League - Doom - MA
Justice League - Throne Of Atlantis - MA $7
Justice League vs Teen Titans - MA $7
Kick-Ass 2 - V
Kick-Ass 2 - i $7
King Kong - Ultimate Edition - MA
Kung-Fu Panda 3 - MA
LEGO Ninjago Movie - MA
Les Miserables - MA
Max 1 - MA
Maze Runner 3 - Death Cure - MA / V / GP / i
Murder On The Orient Express - MA
Nun - MA $8
Other Side Of The Door - MA $8
Pitch Perfect 3 - MA
Possession Of Hannah Grace - MA $7
Queen And Slim - MA $7
Ready Player One - MA
Searching - MA $9
Slender Man - MA
Smallfoot - MA $6
Smurfs - Lost Village - MA
Sorry To Bother You - MA $7
Superman Unbound - MA
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies - MA $7
Teen Titans - Judas Contract - MA $7
Terminator 4 - Salvation - MA $6
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - MA / V / GP
Truth Or Dare? - MA
Turbo - MA
Turning - 2020 - MA $8
Uncle Drew - GP / V $6
Us - MA
Winchester - V / i $6
Yesterday - MA $8
—————————————— HDs / HDX — $4 EACH
300 Rise Of An Empire - MA
5th Wave - V
A Good Day To Die Hard - Extended - MA / V
Crawl - V
Divergent 1 - V
Divergent 2 - Insurgent - V
First Purge - MA
Gallows 1 - MA
Get Smart - MA
Gods Of Egypt - V
Hunger Games - Catching Fire - V
Hunger Games - Mockingjay 2 - V
Hunger Games - Mockingjay 2 - GP
Huntsman - Winter’s War - Extended - MA
Last Witch Hunter - V
Legend Of Hercules - V
Magnificent Seven - V
Man Of Steel - MA
Pain And Gain - i
Passengers - MA
Rio 2 - MA
Rise Of The Guardians - MA
Top Gun - V
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets - MA
Widows - 2018 - MA
———————————————— HDs / HDX — $3.50 EACH (SDs are stated)
Action Point - i
Adventures Of Tintin - i ?
Alpha - MA SD
American Sniper - MA
Arrival - V
Arthur Christmas - MA SD
Call Me By Your Name - MA SD
Captain Underpants - First Epic Movie - MA
Chappie - MA SD
Cowboys And Aliens - i ?
Despicable Me 1 - V
Despicable Me 3 - V
Dredd - V
Due Date - i ?
Equalizer 2 - MA SD
Fences - V
Fate Of The Furious - Extended P8 - MA
Fury - MA SD
G.I. Joe 2 - Retaliation - V
Hercules - 2014 - rock - V
Hugo - V
Hugo - i
John Wick - V
Jonah Hex - i ?
Jurassic World - V
Noah - i
Pitch Perfect 1 - V
Rings - i
Roman J Israel, Esq - MA SD
Sicario 2 - Day Of Soldado - MA SD
Slender Man - MA SD
Spider-Man - Homecoming - MA
Star Trek 2 - Beyond - V
Star Trek 3 - Into Darkness - V
Taken 2 - MA / V / GP
Terminator 5 - Dark Fate - V
Terminator 4 - Genisys - V
Warm Bodies - GP / V
Wrath Of The Titans - MA
————————————————- HDs / HDX — $2.50 EACH
007 Skyfall - V
All Star Superman - i ?
Anchorman 2 - Legend Continues - V
Annihilation - V
Argo - MA
Bad Grandpa - i
Bangkok Dangerous - i ?
Bumblebee - i
Daddy’s Home 2 - V
Dark Knight Rises - PART 3 - MA
Deepwater Horizon - V
Expendables 2 - V
Fast And Furious 4 - i ?
Fast Five - Extended - V
Fast Five - Extended - i
Fast And Furious 6 - Extended - V
Fate Of The Furious - Theatrical P8 - V
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - i ?
Ghost In The Shell - 2017 - V
Girl On The Train - V
Heaven Is For Real - MA SD
Instant Family - V
Interview - MA SD
Jack Reacher 2 - Never Go Back - V
Magic Mike 1 - MA
Mummy - 2017 - tom cruise - V
Overlord - V
Paul - i ?
Perfect Guy - MA SD
Pet Sematary - 2019 - V
Playing With Fire - V
Red 2 - V
Resident Evil - Final Chapter - MA SD
Rocketman - V
Sausage Party - MA SD
Secret Life Of Pets 1 - V
Serenity - 2005 - V
Sherlock Gnomes - V
Sing - V
Split - V
SpongeBob Movie - Sponge Out Of Water - V
SpongeBob Movie - Sponge Out Of Water - i
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2014 - V
Ted 2 - Unrated? - i
Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon - V
Transformers 4 - Age Of Extinction - V
Transformers 5 - Last Knight - V
Twilight - Breaking Dawn 2 - V
Walk - 2015 - MA SD
Warcraft - MA
Wonder Park - V
XXX - Return Of Xander Cage - V
——————————————— Disney / Marvel / Pixar — ALL TITLES ARE HD. Link your MoviesAnywhere account to GooglePlay account and movies will migrate. DMI points may be available for MA. Feel free to try to redeem points.
101 Dalmations - MA $5
Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr Toad - GP $5
Aladdin - 2019 - MA $5
Aladdin - ANIMATED - GP $3
Aladdin - ANIMATED - MA $4
Aladdin 2 - GP $9
Aladdin 3 - GP $9
Ant-Man - GP $6
Ant-Man And The Wasp - GP $6
Avengers 1 - MA $6
Avengers - Age Of Ultron - MA $6
Avengers - Endgame - GP $3
Avengers - Endgame - MA $3
Avengers - Infinity War - GP $3
Avengers - Infinity War - MA $3
Bambi 2 - GP $6
Beauty And The Beast - 2017 - GP $4
Beauty And The Beast - 2017 - MA $4
Beauty And The Beast - ANIMATED - GP $5
Beauty And The Beast - ANIMATED - MA $5
Big Hero 6 - GP $4
Big Hero 6 - MA $4
Bolt - GP $9
Brave - GP $5
Call Of The Wild - GP $3
Call Of The Wild - MA $4
Captain America Civil War - GP $4
Captain America - Civil War - MA $5
Captain America Winter Soldier - GP $6
Captain Marvel - GP $3
Captain Marvel - MA $4
Cars 1 - GP $4
Cars 1 - MA $4
Cars 2 - GP $4
Cars 3 - GP $4
Cars 3 - MA $4
Cinderella - 2015 - GP $5
Cinderella 2 - MA $7
Cinderella 3 - MA $7
Coco - GP $6
Disney Nature - Born In China - GP $4
Doctor Strange - GP $3
Doctor Strange - MA $4
Dumbo - 2019 - GP $5
Finding Nemo- GP $4
Finding Nemo - MA $5
Finding Dory - GP $2
Finding Dory - MA $3
Frozen - GP $3
Frozen - MA $3
Frozen 2 - GP $6
Frozen 2 - MA $6
Good Dinosaur - GP $5
Guardians Of The Galaxy V1 - GP $5
Guardians Of The Galaxy V2 - GP $2
Hannah Montana - The Movie - iTunes $4 (Stays in iTunes)
**Hercules - ANIMATED** - GP $5
Hercules - ANIMATED - iTunes $7
Incredibles 2 - GP $4
Incredibles 2 - MA $4
Into The Woods - MA $5
Iron Man 3 - GP $4
Iron Man 3 - MA $4
Inside Out - GP $5
Jake And The Never Land Pirates - Peter Pan Returns! - iTunes $7 FULL MOVIE - Not available in iTunes, only the episode from the tv show is available. This is the full 2-hour movie. (Stays in iTunes)
Lady And The Tramp - GP $6
Lady And The Tramp - MA $7
Lilo And Stitch 1 - MA $10
Lilo And Stitch 2 - MA $10
Lilo And Stitch 2 - GP $9
Lion King - 2019 - GP $4
Lion King - ANIMATED - GP $5
Little Mermaid - MA $8
Little Mermaid 2 - Return To The Sea - GP $9
Little Mermaid 3 - Ariel’s Beginning - GP $9
Maleficent - GP $5
Mary Poppins Returns - GP $5
Moana - GP $4
Moana - MA $5
Monsters University - GP $6
Nutcracker And The Four Realms - GP $5
Peter Pan 1 - GP $6
Peter Pan 2 - GP $6
Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales - GP $3
Planes - GP $5
Pocahontas 2 - MA $7
Princess And The Frog - GP $6
Princess And The Frog - MA $6
Queen Of Katwe - MA $6
Ralph Breaks The Internet - GP $4
Robin Hood - ANIMATED - GP $4
Santa Clause Trilogy - GP $15
Sleeping Beauty - GP $5
Sleeping Beauty - MA $6
Spies In Disguise - GP $5
Spies In Disguise - MA $5
Super Buddies - GP $5
Tarzan - ANIMATED - GP $9
Thor 1 - GP - $6
Thor Dark World - GP $6
Thor - Ragnarok - GP $3
Thor - Ragnarok - MA $4
Toy Story 1-4 - GP $20
Toy Story 1 - MA $6
Toy Story 3 - GP $5
Toy Story 3 - MA $6
Toy Story 4 - GP $5
Wrinkle In Time - GP $5
Zootopia - GP $4
————————————————- 4Ks — $3 EACH or MARKED PRICE
Addams Family - 2019 - i $8
Alvin And The Chipmunks - Road Chip - i $9
Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 - $19
Annihilation - i
A Quiet Place - i
Arrival - i $5
Battleship - i
Bumblebee - i $4
Crawl - i $5
Daddy’s Home 2 - i
Deadpool 1 - i $6
Deadpool 2 - Super Duper Cut - MA / V $9
Deepwater Horizon - i
Despicable Me 1 - i $5
Despicable Me 3 - i $5
Despicable Me 3 - V $5
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold - i $7
Dredd - i $6
Everest - i
Expendables 2 - i
Fantastic Four - 2015 - i $7
Fences - i $4
Ghostbusters - Answer The Call - Extended - MA $7
Ghost In The Shell - 2017 - i
G.I. Joe 2 - Retaliation - i $6
Girl On The Train - i
Gladiator - i $5
Hercules - 2014 - rock - i $5
Hidden Figures - i $7
Hunger Games 1 - i
Independence Day - Resurgence - i $6
Instant Family - i
Jack Reacher 2 - Never Go Back - i
John Wick 1 - i $5
Jumanji 1 - Welcome To The Jungle - MA $9
Justice League Dark - Apokolips War - MA $8
Kingsman 2 - Golden Circle - i $6
LEGO Movie - MA $6
Let’s Be Cops - i
Logan - i $5
Maze Runner 2 - Scorch Trials - i $6
Meg - MA $8
Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol - i $4
Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation - i $4
Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout - i $4
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children - i $7
Mountain Between Us - i $5
Mummy - 2017 - tom cruise - i $4
Night At The Museum 3 - Secret Of The Tomb - i $5
Overlord - i $5
Pacific Rim 1 - MA $9
Peanuts Movie - i $6
Pet Sematary - 1989 - i
Pet Sematary - 2019 - i
Pitch Perfect 1 - i $6
Pitch Perfect 2 - i $6
Playing With Fire - i $5
Rampage - MA $9
Ready Player One - MA $9
Red 2 - i $4
Revenant - i $7
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - i $6
Robin Hood - 2018 - i $7
Rocketman - i $5
Secret Life Of Pets 1 - i
Serenity - 2005 - i $4
Sherlock Gnomes - i
Sing - i
Sonic The Hedgehog - i $8
Spider-Man - Homecoming - MA $9
Split - i
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2014 - i
Terminator 5 - Dark Fate - i $5
Terminator 4 - Genisys - i $5
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day - MA $8
Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon - i $5
Transformers 4 - Age Of Extinction - i
Transformers 5 - Last Knight - i
Twilight - Breaking Dawn 2 - i
Ugly Dolls - i $7
Uncle Drew - i $6
Venom - MA $9
War For The Planet Of The Apes - i $5
Why Him? - i
Wonder Park - i
X-Men Apocalypse - i $6
X-Men Days Of Future Past - i $6
XXX - Return Of Xander Cage - i
All purchases are TRACKED. If buyer decides to redeem a portion that wasn’t agreed on, then I will ask to submit payment. If you do not wish to pay then I will contact the mods for further assistance. Then you will be blocked.
Everything Disney related are split
For PayPal, send via Friends Family. Codes are not sent unless agreed price is fully sent. I am NOT responsible for fees from PayPal
submitted by Mafnas22 to DigitalCodeSELL [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 01:34 RetroReanimated [USA-IL][H]Steelbooks, Pokemon Cases, N64 Games, PSP Games and More [W] PayPal

Offloading a bunch of duplicates and a steelbook collection. I will add images as they are requested.
Game Image Price
Aero Gauge (Loose) N/A $11
All-Stars Baseball 2000 (Loose) N/A $7
Asteroids Hyper 64 (Loose) N/A $11
Automobilli Lamborghini (Loose) N/A $7
Bomberman Hero (Loose) N/A $18
Duck Dogers (Loose) N/A $60
South Park (Loose) N/A $15
Space Station Silicon Valley (Loose) N/A $40
Wipeout 64 (Loose) N/A $40
Virtual Pool Manual N/A $6
Original N64 Plastic Hard Case (Green) N/A $8 (Free with Duck Dogers)
Game Image Price
Final Fantasy Crisis Core (Loose w/ Blank Case) N/A $20
Final Fantasy IV (Loose w/ Blank Case) N/A $20
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Loose w/ Blank Case) N/A $12
Name Image Price
Final Fantasy Type 0 (No Game) Link $10
Star Ocean: Intergrity and Faithlessness (No Game) N/A $20
Rise of the Tomb Raider (No Game) Link $16
Deus Ex Mankind Divided (No Game) Link $16
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (No Game) N/A $10
Homefront: The Revolution (No Game) N/A $10
MLB The Show 2016 (No Game) N/A $10
Call of Duty Ghost (No Game) N/A $12
Red Dead Redemption 2 + Map Insert (No Game) N/A $30
Battlefield V (No Game) N/A $5
Spiderman (PS4 Pro System Version) (No Game) Link $50
Dragon Crown Pro (No Game) N/A $16
2x Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (No Game) N/A $15ea
MLB The Show 2015 (No Game) N/A $10
Final Fantasy Dissidia NT (No Game) Link $20
Far Cry 5 (No Game) Link $15
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (No Game) N/A $18
Tekken 7 (No Game) N/A $30
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (No Game) N/A $18
Torment: Tides of Numenera (No Game) Link $15
Injustice 2 + Insert (No Game) N/A $18
Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite (No Game) N/A $18
2x Halo 4 (No Game) N/A $9ea
Dark Souls 2 (No Game) N/A $18
Attack on Titan 2 (No Game) N/A $11
2x Just Cause 4 (No Game) N/A $13ea
Batman Arkham Knight (No Game) N/A $45
2x Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (No Game) N/A $28ea
Far Cry Primal + Slip Cover + Inserts + Soundtrack (No Game) N/A $45
No No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom (No Game) N/A $20
MLB The Show 2017 (No Game) N/A $10
Just Cause 3 (No Game) N/A $20
Gears of War 4 (No Game) N/A $15
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (No Game) N/A $15
Dead or Alive 6 (No Game) N/A $15
Yakuza Kiwami 2 (No Game) N/A $15
Assassins Creed Odyssey (No Game) Link $18
Persona 5 (No Game) N/A $20
South Park The Fractured But Whole (No Game) N/A $20
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (No Game) N/A $20
Gran Turismo Sport (No Game) N/A $18
Yakuza Kiwami (No Game) N/A $15
Lego DC Super-Villians (No Game) N/A $12
Item Name Image Price
Senko No Ronde 2 LE PS4 (Limited Run Games) (New) N/A $60
Fortnite Smasher Statue w/ Box (Extremely Rare) N/A $850
Limited Run Games Trading Card 627 (2020) N/A $10
Limited Run Games Trading Card 481 (Oddworld) N/A $10
Limited Run Games Trading Card 552 (Turok Dinosaur Hunter) N/A $10
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Pokemon Black (Case only) Link $12
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2020.09.25 01:00 Vamp2020 [US-FL][H] DC, Marvel, Disney, Anime, Icons, Games, Movies, Con Exclusives, Store Exclusives, Vaulted and more! [W] PayPal

Prices below do not include shipping. Glad to do Bundle deals/discounts. If there is anything you’re interested in looking up closer, let me know and I’ll be happy to send pics!
Ship mostly to the lower 48 states, but am willing to ship to Hawaii/Alaska/PCanada/Aussie/EU for at-cost insured shipping🙂
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2020.09.24 23:50 kcpdx10 [US-OR] [H] Image, Marvel, DC, Indie Recent/Modern Floppies [W] PayPal

Open to all offers. Just need to unload some extra comics I have around. Shipping not included. All read once, bagged, boarded, put into a long box. Can post photos on request.
Image/Other Indie
Ice Cream Man 4, 6, 8-12 $20
Paper Girls 7-15 $25
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Image first — revival, invincible, nowhere men, black science, east of west -- FREE with purchase
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2020.09.24 22:21 Wahbanator Crafting Deep Dive and Thoughts

So I, like many others who play this game, looked at the crafting rules in this game we love so much, and blanched at the complexity and the tables required to preform the task. But I had the day off today, and accidentally fell into the rabbit hole of precious materials and asking questions regarding them that eventually led me to understand the crafting system and... well, it's still not entirely clear haha XD
So if you'll join me, let's take a deep dive into the crafting system together for my thoughts and confusion! :)


It all started when I found Elven Chain Armor and was intrigued by its properties. But then I asked "What's the difference between standard and high grade?" I had seen that distinction a few times already, but never really understood what it meant.
I found this:
Low-grade items can be used in the creation of magic items of up to 8th level, and they can hold runes of up to 8th level. Standard-grade items can be used to create magic items of up to 15th level and can hold runes of up to 15th level. High-grade items use the purest form of the precious material, and can be used to Craft magic items of any level holding any runes. Using purer forms of common materials is so relatively inexpensive that the Price is included in any magic item. (Page 578)
So that answered that. But that last line got me thinking about the comparison between it and regular materials and whether or not they had grades as well.


I couldn't find a direct answer, but near as I can tell, only precious material have grades, and the grade determines the maximum level of magical rune (including fundamental rune) a weapon or armor has. Both precious and common material are limited in the number of property rune based on its potency rune class.
So, for example, both a +1 full plate and +1 mithral (low-grade) full plate are limited to 1 property rune each because they only have a +1 potency rune, but the mithral full plate is further limited to 8th level potency and property runes until it's upgraded to standard grade.


But all of this gets even fancier when you try to craft items with these precious materials. Obviously you need to have the material on hand to craft, plus additional costs on top of that, but they actually have chunks and ingots of precious material to help craft with.
On top of that, there's also a level and proficiency limit to the quality of the item you can craft.
From this, we can determine that you can only craft low-grade items as early as level 2 (for rogues or investigators), and only up to level 8 items and runes. Standard as early as 7, up to 15. And high-grade as early as 15, without a limit of level.


As for what the chunks and ingots are worth... I have no earthly idea. I mean, it's easy enough to look up how much an adamantine ingot is worth, but how much does this discount the crafting? A chunk of precious material has L bulk, and an ingot has 1 bulk, but it can't be that this is how much they reduce of the item when you craft, right?
So, let's say an ingot of precious material is enough for 1 bulk of material of the item, that would mean that a full plate of precious material requires 4 ingots since it's 4 bulk. But that doesn't add up with what it says in the crafting Adamantine Armor section:
Price 1,600 gp (+160 gp per Bulk) Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include adamantine worth at least 200 gp + 20 gp per Bulk.
So an adamantine full plate will cost 2240 gp outright, or 280gp of the armor's initial cost when crafting it.... But one adamantine ingot is worth 5000 gp. So idk... that's kinda vague... basically it just seems like it's a bonus reward GMs can provide to crafty PCs and doesn't really seem worth it to go out and buy it explicitly for crafting. If anybody has clarity on this matter, that would be grand.


Back to more solid rules, when you craft in general, 50% of the costs are spent upfront on material. In the case of precious material, 10% must be of the precious material for low-grade, 25% for standard, and all of it for high grade.
For example, if you want to craft a silver weapon worth 20 gp total. 10 gp must be spent upfront on material. Of that 10 gp, 1 gp must be for silver of low-grade, 2 gp and 5 sp for standard grade, and 10 gp for high grade silver.
After 4 days crafting, you roll a check. On a success, you can spend the rest of the material for the item instantly at 100% the remaining cost to instantly acquire the item. Alternatively, you can reduce the cost by a certain amount according to the earn income table on page 236. On a failure, you can salvage the material and try again, and on a critical failure, you lose 10% of the material spent. How much is of what they don't say. Do you lose 10% of the mundane material or the precious material? Is it a weighted 10%? How weighted? Again, insight on this would be appreciated!
Either way, a crit success treats your level as +1 for the cost reduction which is nice.


So let's combine everything we just learned to see it in action. Let's say you want to craft a +2 resilient adamantine full plate armor. Magic armor is level 11 which means you need to be as well. But there's a chink in this armor. Adamantine can only be standard grade which has a minimum level of 12; so that's actually the level we need to be.
So et's say your GM gave a month to craft this armor. What you'll need is...
Now that everything is in place, it's finally time to start crafting! The DC for a level 12 uncommon item is 32. A wizard with Magical Crafting, magical proficiency and max Int (+4) at this level will have a +22 to this check; not terrible odds, but not amazing.
On a success, they can spend an additional day reducing the cost of this 2,240 gp item by.... 10 gp.... ten. A day.... 15 gp on a crit success, and he has to retry on a failure AFTER losing 4 days of time.
With the month of Downtime our wizard has, that reduces the cost of this full plate from 2,240 gp to just 1980 gp. And AAAAALLLLLL this trouble, for adamantine armor. What's the benefit of Adamantine you might ask? Hardness 14; HP 56 (BT 28) compared to normal full plate: Hardness 9; HP 36 (BT 18), and a discount of 260 gp after 30 days on a success..... oh and it looks black.


I don't exactly know if all this trouble is worth it. The system is vague, cumbersome, and offers little to gain. How often to enemies attempt to Sunder your weapon or armor? How much will 260 gp save you long term?
So how can this be more useful? Well I found a house rule somewhere on Reddit last month (forgot the user's name). Basically, the house rule said that, after 4 days of crafting, you can acquire the item at 75% of its full cost + 1% per level of the item (65% + 1% on a Critical Success). In this example of the +2 resilient adamantine (standard grade) full plate goes from 2,240 gp to just 1948 gp and 8 sp. That seems like a fair price to me for 4 days of crafting (and all the investment in the skill and feats needed). After a month of additional downtime crafting, the cost of the item goes down to 1688 gp and 8 sp. This is still more than +2 resilient full plate at full price which I think is fair for the addition of the adamantine trait.
But what do you guys think? Do you use crafting at your gaming tables? Has it been satisfying or worth it? Is this house rule unfair or reasonable? What's the value of chunks or ingots? Do you use the precious material armor cost, or the magic item cost?
Hopefully this deep dive was fun for you too.
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2020.09.24 21:58 TagProLeaderboards Daily Leaderboard Log/Statistics for Thursday, September 24, 2020

# Name Points Time Win% G W L Pup% Save% Tags Popped Grabs Caps Hold Prevent Returns Support DCs
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5 BaotsnThrows 1241 04:53:12 50% 62 30 29 11% 0% 340 491 425 36 00:57:10 00:40:51 294 1108 1
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7 sb army 1143 04:20:28 70% 59 40 15 7% 50% 361 372 325 41 00:40:24 00:43:58 302 1116 2
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26 Red Coat 805 03:30:59 40% 44 18 26 13% 100% 233 315 242 17 00:30:27 00:29:58 176 676 0
27 cube 803 03:39:10 46% 51 23 12 8% 0% 288 325 261 26 00:25:12 00:39:39 252 848 15
28 Palps 801 03:09:43 53% 42 21 17 6% 25% 191 253 203 20 00:24:23 00:31:34 164 724 1
29 Equ1 793 03:18:32 55% 36 20 16 9% 0 229 253 206 25 00:18:31 00:35:04 186 705 0
30 LIGHT 791 03:35:59 43% 42 18 23 9% 0% 232 329 261 22 00:34:03 00:27:53 182 820 0
31 Kenan anKel 782 03:11:48 62% 44 25 13 9% 33% 283 344 303 27 00:31:15 00:20:35 249 799 2
32 (420) 781 03:24:04 48% 41 20 18 4% 100% 213 326 269 24 00:32:54 00:30:03 193 809 3
33 baps 762 03:30:31 37% 52 19 32 7% 0% 230 332 262 18 00:23:28 00:25:40 178 780 0
34 Hero-Cat 754 02:54:10 58% 37 21 15 10% 0% 321 265 227 21 00:25:19 00:21:55 274 724 0
35 The Law 751 02:48:52 60% 33 20 13 8% 0 187 264 224 19 00:28:32 00:26:45 155 571 0
36 flopphone 748 02:47:57 61% 34 21 12 7% 100% 217 230 181 17 00:22:40 00:19:12 187 706 1
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46 John Centra 674 02:36:48 48% 32 15 16 8% 0% 222 229 190 16 00:21:14 00:25:06 197 571 0
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48 Dors 632 02:54:16 37% 37 14 21 7% 0 183 284 221 14 00:20:18 00:31:06 166 897 2
49 Hibiki 628 02:44:57 48% 39 17 11 10% 0% 190 243 209 16 00:27:14 00:23:41 150 622 7
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78 antiANTIFA 509 01:54:33 82% 23 19 4 13% 100% 154 192 198 31 00:29:48 00:11:33 100 411 0
79 banky 508 02:16:49 40% 27 11 13 6% 0 157 212 175 10 00:18:52 00:24:07 135 509 3
80 team pls 507 01:52:23 73% 23 17 6 17% 100% 194 191 184 21 00:20:47 00:17:29 152 557 0
81 Muhamed 506 01:59:39 60% 25 15 8 15% 100% 236 155 115 15 00:14:12 00:16:04 199 336 2
82 Ironsides 504 02:04:56 41% 24 10 13 10% 0 193 193 158 14 00:16:00 00:18:55 155 425 1
83 RNB 503 01:56:44 60% 25 15 10 14% 0 144 179 141 13 00:13:26 00:20:43 105 403 0
84 Wolf0fBallSt 501 02:26:43 28% 32 9 22 9% 0 187 287 241 25 00:20:20 00:26:06 171 831 1
85 Valis 500 01:56:41 60% 25 14 7 13% 33% 103 177 151 17 00:24:08 00:12:29 81 290 2
86 Slowpolka 499 01:55:46 65% 26 15 8 15% 0% 163 166 145 20 00:15:07 00:24:51 118 505 0
87 RONK! 494 02:03:36 45% 25 11 13 5% 50% 203 119 78 7 00:09:01 00:20:57 173 296 0
88 david61616 493 02:11:16 38% 26 10 14 8% 0 154 179 111 5 00:13:09 00:18:03 127 307 2
89 Mysk 493 02:22:07 34% 27 9 17 2% 0% 131 176 111 11 00:11:33 00:17:23 99 616 0
90 [unreserved] 489 02:16:08 31% 32 10 21 9% 0 144 190 157 14 00:16:42 00:17:06 112 487 1
91 KoalaBear 486 01:36:01 77% 22 17 4 19% 0 151 114 108 20 00:11:56 00:14:08 129 352 1
92 King Bran 482 01:59:07 53% 26 14 11 8% 0 142 200 178 19 00:24:34 00:16:35 119 494 1
93 Britta 481 02:04:11 52% 27 13 11 9% 0% 134 169 140 7 00:16:53 00:15:03 109 468 1
94 bozo 479 01:55:37 56% 23 13 10 4% 0 162 211 163 14 00:17:44 00:14:38 142 441 0
95 bri pie 478 02:11:21 30% 27 8 18 7% 0% 165 211 143 6 00:13:08 00:11:25 130 453 0
96 PuyoPuyo 475 02:15:38 37% 27 10 15 8% 0 142 214 171 11 00:22:47 00:14:57 116 306 2
97 It works 473 01:53:14 69% 23 16 6 7% 0 120 179 155 16 00:19:20 00:17:33 109 449 1
98 Celery 471 02:19:12 37% 30 11 18 6% 0% 155 247 196 10 00:18:23 00:19:28 132 647 0
99 liu kang 471 01:51:38 54% 24 13 6 16% 0% 163 130 129 12 00:19:14 00:24:24 127 463 5
100 Bumballbee 468 01:44:26 65% 20 13 6 13% 0 175 116 106 13 00:17:50 00:24:33 137 308 1
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2020.09.24 19:25 Sudain ** Monster Discussion ** Archdevil Belial

Archdevil Belial

One half of this figure’s body is gleaming and beautiful with an angelic wing, while the other is scaled, scarred, and blackened.

CR 28

Alignment: LE
Size: Medium

Special Abilities

Amorphous Anatomy (Ex) Belial’s constant shapechanging occurs within their body as well as outwardly, causing their vital organs to rapidly shift configuration and location. This grants the archdevil a 50% chance to ignore additional damage from critical hits and sneak attacks, and renders them immune to polymorph effects. Belial recovers from physical effects that cause the blinded, deafened, or dazzled condition after 1 round by shifting their form to create new sensory organs to replace those that were compromised.
Baleful Beauty (Su) No matter what form Belial takes, the archdevil can adopt an aspect of unearthly beauty, causing either all humanoids (if in a humanoid form or the archdevil’s true form) or all creatures of the archdevil’s assumed type (if in another form) within 30 feet with line of sight to Belial to be filled with lust for them. Such a creature rushes toward the splendid figure to kiss the archdevil on its next turn, subjecting itself to the effects of Belial’s caress. Alternatively, the archdevil can adopt a guise of extreme and appalling horror, causing creatures of that type to become nauseated for 1d6 rounds and to take 1d6 points of Strength damage. A creature can resist either effect with a successful DC 39 Will save, and a creature that successfully saves against either effect is immune to that effect for 24 hours, though it must attempt a new save against the opposite effect. This is a mind-affecting emotion effect. The DC is Charisma-based.
Caress (Su) A creature caressed or kissed by Belial gains 2 negative levels, and must succeed at a DC 39 Fortitude save or also take 1d4 points of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage. As a swift action when using a spell-like ability, Belial can force a single creature currently suffering from any of these effects from a caress to roll twice on any saving throws against that spell-like ability and to use the lower result. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Change Shape (Su) Belial can assume the form of any creature when changing shape, but the specific powers granted are limited to those available in the options for greater polymorph. Using change shape is a move action for Belial.
Fiendish Fluttering (Ex) If Belial strikes a creature with both wings in the same round, the target is staggered for 1 round and dazzled for 1d4 rounds by flying feathers and scabrous scales. With a successful DC 41 Fortitude save, the target negates the staggered condition and reduces the duration of the dazzled condition to 1 round. This is a vision-based effect. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Hedonistic Hope (Su) When any creatures (friend or foe) within 30 feet of Belial gain a morale bonus or a beneficial emotion effect, Belial can choose to gain the same benefit (including the highest bonus, if there are multiple morale bonuses of the same kind). In addition, when Belial confirms a critical hit, they suppress all morale bonuses affecting the target for 1 minute.
Ranseur Mastery (Ex) Belial can attack adjacent foes with a ranseur as if it were not a reach weapon, and counts as a 20th-level fighter for the purposes of fulfilling feat prerequisites for ranseur related feats.
Reflexive Shapeshifter (Su) Once per minute as an immediate action when Belial would be struck in melee by a non-reach weapon, the archdevil can use change shape to assume a different form of a smaller size, gaining a +10 dodge bonus to their AC against that attack; if this causes the attack to miss, they take no damage and can then move up to 30 feet in any direction before automatically reverting to their previous form. This ability and movement do not provoke attacks of opportunity.


Belial, the Pale Kiss, was created by Asmodeus as an object of adoration, a being that would be perfect in form and face in the eyes of every creature. The Prince of Devils granted Belial virtually unlimited malleability of form, enabling them to become whatever and whomever might be most alluring to those the archdevil encountered, along with a boundless imagination to create inspirational art and implements of war. Belial finds equal bliss in pleasure and in pain and revels in the act of creation, whether of innovations in magical or martial fields. The Pale Kiss designs new weapons for the legions of Hell, shapes new manifestations of magic for the minions of devilry to unleash upon foes, and even spawns entirely new races of infernal servitors, though the fiend cares little for creations once birthed, swiftly moving on to new interests.
Belial’s true natural form is unknown to all but Asmodeus, who has not shared even with Belial the secret of the archdevil’s infernal genesis. The Pale Kiss changes shape almost constantly, at times seemingly without conscious thought. In council with the other lords of Hell, Belial typically appears as a delicately built humanoid between 5 and 6 feet tall with pale skin and hair but burning eyes, with one half of their body shining and angelic and the other as scarred, misshapen, and grotesque as the most hideous malebranche. Their weapons and gear are always finely crafted, though marred where they defaced them in their erratic rages. Belial’s carnal lust is both expansive and insatiable, and they freely shift form, species, and gender when engaging with mortal and immortal lovers across the universe, leaving innumerable halffiends of every description in their wake. Belial's Cult Belial is revered by those who crave wanton pleasures and forbidden desires but who hide beneath a mask of respectability and propriety. Adulterers celebrate the archdevil’s rites alongside sadists, torturers, and worse; all two-faced deceivers willing to plumb the depths of depravity to fulfill their desires seek Belial’s felicitations. The Pale Kiss’s sacred places are often in large cities or remote and beautiful natural settings that hide grisly boudoirs and orgiastic abattoirs.
Belial’s unholy symbol is a split-faced mask, one side of which is smiling and white and the other frowning and red. Their favored weapon is the ranseur. The Pale Kiss grants access to the domains of Charm, Destruction, Evil, and Law, and to the subdomains of Catastrophe, Devil, Lust, and Rage.
Environment: any (Hell)
Source Material: Bestiary 6 pg. 20
Origin Biblical
GM Discussion Topics
*How do/would you use this creature in your game? *What are some tactics it might use? *Easy/suitable modifications? *Encounter ideas
Player Discussion Topics
*Have you ran into this creature before (how did it go)? *How would you approach it?
Next Up Seru
*Required disclaimer: This post uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. I am expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This post is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Inc. For more information about Paizo's Community Use Policy, please visit http://paizo.com/communityuse. For more information about Paizo Inc. and Paizo products, please visit http://paizo.com.
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2020.09.24 19:10 xenefenex Jeweled Gauntlet & Deathcap > Double Jeweled Gauntlet Math

Hey all,
Just something I've been noticing what seems to be the meta choice and lists that say double Jeweled Gauntlet (JGJG) is best in slot. From all the number crunching I've done, Jeweled Gauntlet & Rabadon's Deathcap (JGDC) should be better in almost all situations.
JGDC does on average 57.5 more damage than JGJG and should be considered to be best in slot whenever JGJG is mentioned Note: Apparently JG is bugged and is causing it to do more damage than what is stated here.
Base Stats of JG:
  1. 15% Spell Power
  2. 20% Critical Strike Chance
  3. Allows ability to critically strike
  4. Increases critical strike damage by 50%
Base Stats of DC:
  1. 70% Spell Power
Champions have a base 25% critical strike chance and critical strikes do a total of 1.5x damage base.
That means total stats for a champion are the following:
  1. 30% Spell Power
  2. 65% Critical Strike Chance
  3. 150% Critical Strike Damage
  1. 85% Spell Power
  2. 45% Critical Strike Chance
  3. 100% Critical Strike Damage
Let's use Ahri 1* as the example here which does 500 damage on cast.
Damage without crit (35% chance):
1) 500 * 1.3 = 650
Damage with crit (65% chance):
2) 650 x 2.5 = 1625
Expected Damage (average):
3) 650 x 35% + 1625 * 65% = 1283.75
Damage without crit (55% chance):
1) 500 * 1.85 = 925
Damage with crit (45% chance):
2) 925 * 2 = 1850
Expected Damage (average):
3) 925 * 55% + 1850 * 45% = 1341.25
In other terms:
  1. In 35/100 cases, JGDC (no crit) will do 275 more damage than JGJG (no crit).
  2. In 20/100 cases, JGJG (crit) will do 700 more damage the JGDC (no crit)
  3. In 45/100 cases, JGDC (crit) will do 225 more damage than JGJG (crit)
That means 80% of the time JGDC > JGJG, but in the other 20% JGJG > JGDC.
EDIT: As a neat side note, JGIE has an expected (guaranteed) damage of 1100 and DCDC has an expected (guaranteed) damage of 1200. That means that w you don't have perfect items, you can go DCDC / IEJG and you'll come out ahead of the DCJG and JGJG in 35 / 100 cases. Of course JGDC and JGJG will significantly outperform them in the other 65/100 cases.
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2020.09.24 18:17 generalosabenkenobi [US/NYC] [H] TPBs and Floppy runs - Marvel/DC/Indie [W] PayPal $$$

I’ve got a selection of single issues and trade paperbacks! Just have to adjust for shipping (which should just be an extra $2-4 bucks depending). Most of the DC/Marvel singles are more recent but I can clarify if there are any questions. Pictures available upon request, all singles are bagged and boarded. Always game to bargain, I’ll give you a better deal the more you buy! Have added some extra stuff to this list since my last post!
Indie Single Issues:
-Savage Dragon 250 $6
-Space Bandits 1-5 (B variant B&W) $15
-Alien 3 1-5 $15
-Demonic 1-6 $12
-VS 1-5 $10
-Green Valley 1-5 $10
-GI Joe Sierra Muerte #1 $2
-Decorum #1, #3 - $9
-King of Nowhere #1 $3
-Finger Guns #1 $3
-Lazarus #1 $10
-Death or Glory #1-11 $30
-Lone Wolf and Cub #1 (First) $20
-Ex Machina #35-40, Special #1-2 $15
-Black Science #22-24, #35C (virgin variant), #39B $20
Indie TPBs:
-Invincible Vol 10-15 $40 ($8 each)
-Fear Agent Vol 1-6 $70
-The Star Wars (Dark Horse) $25
-V for Vendetta $12
-The Walking Dead Compendiums 1-4 $90
DC Comics – Floppies:
-All-Star Batman 1-14 (1/2/3b variants as well) $30
-Heroes in Crisis #1-9 $15
-Trinity 1-11 $12
-Young Justice 1-2 $5
-Justice League #1 (Snyder) $5
-Batgirl #1 $2
-The Unexpected #1 $2
-Mother Panic #1 $2
-War of the Gods #1 $2
-Superman Smashes the Klan 1-3 $25 (#1 is B variant)
-New Gods #1 (Vol 3 - Evanier) $9
-The Spectre #1 (Vol 3 - Ostrander) $6
-The Spectre #1 (Vol 2 - Moench) $6
-Metal Men #1 (Vol 2) $6
-Demon Knights #1 $6
-Legion of Superheroes #1 (Waid) $6
-Catwoman #1 (Brubaker) $10
-Animal Man #1 (Lemire) $8
-52 #1/#52 $15
-Catwoman (Joelle Jones) #1-21 + Annual #1 $45
-Strange Adventures #4 (A and B cover) $6
-The Question #4, #36, #17 (first appearance Rorschach) $40
-The Man of Steel #1B (Byrne) $6
DC Comics – TPBs:
-The Question Vol 1 $65
-Superman/Batman: World’s Finest $8
Marvel – Floppies:
-Secret Empire 0-10 + Omega $30
-Meet the Skrulls 1-5 $18
-Despicable Deadpool 287-300 $25
-Astonishing X-Men #1-17 (+ Annual #1) $30
-Fantastic Four #1-11 (+ Wedding Special #1) $18
-Champions #1-7 (+Annual #1) $16
-All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1-12, #146-150 $45
-Infinity Countdown Prime 1 $2
-Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock 1 $2
-Infinity Wars Prime 1 $2
-Infinity Wars 1-6 $12
-Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian 1 $2
(Infinity Countdown/Wars Lot) - $18
(All New Guardians + Infinity Countdown/Wars Lot) - $60
-Captain America 695-704 $10
-Captain America 1-15 $20
($25 for both Cap lots)
-Gamora 1-5 $10
-Cage 1-4 $8
-Death’s Head 1-4 $8
-Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 $5
-Fantastic Four 390-391 $4
-Black Panther and the Crew #1 $2
-Daredevil 600 $3
-International Iron Man #1 $2
-Nova #1 $2
-Hulk #1 (She-Hulk) $2
-Tony Stark Iron Man #1 $2
-Falcon #1 $2
-Symbiote Spider-Man #1 $2
-Hunt For Wolverine #1 $2
-Old Man Quill #1 $2
-The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 $2
-Spider-Woman #1 (Pacheco) $3
-The Nam #1 $6
-Marvel Legacy #1 (Brooks variant) $8
-The Wolverine Saga #1-4 $10
-Black Panther #41 (Secret Invasion) $2
-Secret Avengers #1 (Spencer) $6
-Thor #1 (Straczynski) $6
-Sectaurs #3 $2
-Black Panther #1-4 (vol 2) $20
Marvel – TPBs:
-Taskmaster Unthinkable $45
-Deathlok The Demolisher (Complete Collection) $15
-Invincible Iron Man: Stark Disassembled $10
-Ghost Rider Resurrected $10
-The Thanos Imperative $16
-Annihilation Conquest Vol 1/2 (bit of weatear on the covers) $75/$90 ($130 for both)
-The Sensational She-Hulk (Marvel Graphic Novel - scuffed up cover) $20
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2020.09.24 18:09 joshuadwx [Full Specs] Nebula Solar (Portable)

Nebula has revealed the full specifications of its upcoming Solar series projectors… Take a look!








In The Box

Are you interested in Nebula's upcoming Solar series projectors? Be sure to let us know with a comment!
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2020.09.24 17:51 Sudain ** Monster Discussion ** Seru


The sound of flapping wings and an angry hiss accompany the appearance of this flying snake.

CR 3

Alignment: NE
Size: Small

Special Abilities

Poison (Ex) Bite or spit venom—injury; save Fort DC 15; frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes; effect 1 Con damage plus blindness for 1 minute; cure 1 save.
Spit Venom (Ex) As a standard action, a seru can spit venom up to 30 feet. This is a ranged touch attack with no range increment. Any opponent hit by this attack is exposed to the seru’s poison.


A seru is an underground variety of telepathic venomous snake with the wings of a bat. These creatures have long held a special relationship with serpentfolk, and some legends suggest the snake-god created these winged vipers to assist the serpentfolk in their war against humanity. Intelligent enough to form their own culture, many serus live entirely separate lives from serpentfolk enclaves. Even so, many serpentfolk wizards still seek out serus to bind them as familiars. A spellcaster must have the Improved Familiar feat, be of an evil alignment, and be an arcane caster of level of 7th or higher to gain a seru familiar.
Serus are natural predators that prefer to track prey by scent. When ready to strike, they spit venom into the eyes of a victim and use ambush tactics to wear down their targets. When presented with overwhelming odds or those capable of resisting their venom, serus tend to flee and hide among their cavern rocks.
Serpentfolk often use serus to watch their territorial borders. These creatures serve both as a deterrent and as telepathic spies that can quickly alert their masters to the presence of outsiders. They sometimes enter into friendships with degenerate serpentfolk, participating in raiding parties as equal companions and trackers, or else command them by acting as mouthpieces for purecastes.
An adult seru weighs approximately 20 pounds, with a body nearly 3 feet long and a wingspan of 5 feet. A mated female lays two to five eggs every year, but many fall victim to underground predators before they ever hatch. Serus have an average life span of 25 years.
Environment: any land (jungles, swamps, or underground)
Source Material: Monster Codex pg. 208
Origin Paizo
GM Discussion Topics
*How do/would you use this creature in your game? *What are some tactics it might use? *Easy/suitable modifications? *Encounter ideas
Player Discussion Topics
*Have you ran into this creature before (how did it go)? *How would you approach it?
Next Up Astral Deva, Angel
*Required disclaimer: This post uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. I am expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This post is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Inc. For more information about Paizo's Community Use Policy, please visit http://paizo.com/communityuse. For more information about Paizo Inc. and Paizo products, please visit http://paizo.com.
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2020.09.24 16:40 shanabailey Products that I did NOT add to database today (24.9.2020)

Products that I did NOT add to database today. Check image compilation: https://i.imgur.com/IeEjH4G.jpg . If you want to add an item to Couponsfromchina database, then click on "Add Product" button on https://couponsfromchina.com/
-1- ✔️ Ideal for drawing lettering fashion sketches and illustrations of all kinds. Alcohol-based ink is fast drying, acid-free and non-toxic.
🌐 https://bit.ly/3hGJYqw
💰 Price: $59.99
💵 Coupon: BGMP175
-2- ✔️ URUAV DIY 4DOF Robot Arm 4 Axis Rotating Mechanical Robot Arm With UNO R3 4PCS Servo
🌐 https://bit.ly/2X4FwuQ
💰 Price: $31.99
💵 Coupon: BGWRYH5
-3- ✔️ Loskii NB-S2 Mini bluetooth Key Finder Smart Alarm Anti Lost Tracker Selfie Controller
🌐 https://bit.ly/2G8XUfP
💰 Price: $8.22
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-4- ✔️ 6PCS Racerstar MG90S 9g Micro Metal Gear Analog Servo For 450 RC Helicopter RC Car Boat Robot
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-5- ✔️ 22PCS/Set Cocktail Shaker Boston Maker Bartender Martini Mixer Making Tool Bar Tools
🌐 https://bit.ly/31IjW26
💰 Price: $19.99
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-6- ✔️ JX Ecoboost CLS6322HV 21KG Large Torque 180° CNC Aluminium Shell Metal Gear Digital Coreless Servo
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-7- ✔️ 6000W Peak Car Power Inverter LCD Display DC 12 / 24V to AC 110V / 220V Modified Sine Wave Converter
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-8- ✔️ [SPO2 Monitor]Bakeey E66 Thermometer ECG+PPG Heart Rate Blood Pressure Oxygen Monitor IP68 Waterproof USB Charging Smart Watch
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-10- ✔️ Unknown name
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-25- ✔️ Memory Foam Waist Lumbar Side Support Pillow Spine Coccyx Protect Orthopedic Car Seat Office Sofa Chair Back Cushion
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-26- ✔️ XYS3606W DC DC Buck Boost Converter CC CV 0-36V 6A 216W Synchronous Rectification Efficiency 95% Power Module Adjustable Regulated Laboratory Power Supply Variable
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-32- ✔️ Monitor TV Top Shelf Home Office Stuff Shelf with No Drilling Suitable for Placing a Variety of Sundries
🌐 https://bit.ly/2R3A3Ax
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-33- ✔️ 100CM 39In Triangular Wedge Lumbar Pillow Support Backrest Soft Bolster Home Office
🌐 https://bit.ly/32EumzR
💰 Price: $34.99
-34- ✔️ KCASA 500ml LED Temperature Display Thermo Stainless Steel Mug Water Bottle Touch Screen Intelligent Measurement Double Vacuum Flask Cup Gift
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Compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/IeEjH4G.jpg
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2020.09.24 16:38 NunnyTheDog Ideas for buffing or reworking underwhelming perks

Hi! These are my ideas for a lot of problematic perks in this game that people don't seem to like, I tried coming up with simple buffs or reworks to try and keep their basic idea the same, but make them a lot more viable.
Of course, I am not a master at this game by any means. I haven't run every one of these perks, and I don't know the purpose of every one, so I might completely miss the point of one.. sorry if that happens!
In that case, please give feedback on which ideas you think do or don't work, and any ideas you had. I'd love to hear feedback!
And if there is any perks you like on here, feel free to say! This isn't supposed to be a personal attack on anyone, this is just some random guy talking about a game he likes.
Anyway, this is a list of some of the most problematic perks I've heard people talk about:

Left behind
You'll get the job done... no matter the cost.
For every sacrificed survivor, all survivors gain a 1/2/3% boost to all action speeds, as long as there is at least 2 remaining generators.
The last remaining survivor can see the aura of the hatch within 24/28/32m
Left behind has an extremely narrow use case. If you happen to be the last survivor, you can see the hatch if it's close by assuming that the killer hasn't already closed it. Pretty much, you're giving up a perk slot in order to maybe see the hatch if you get lucky.
First off, the boost to all action speeds is supposed to give it a lot more use throughout the game. Sometimes survivors can start off badly, and it can be almost impossible to redeem yourself after that, especially if someone DC's after their first down. This is supposed to keep the game going, but the requirement for at least 2 gens to remain is so that the endgame isn't too easy for survivors either. This is a bit like the old left behind, but supposed to be much more versatile.
Also, the aura of the hatch is shown to all survivors, since that should make the perk have at least a little more use.
I think the idea of Left Behind is a bit fundamentally broken, but I tried.

Deja Vu
Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability. Paranoia paired with your horror of failure helps prepare you from repeating the same mistakes.
For 60 seconds at the start of the trial, you see the auras of generators within 24/28/32m.
The last generator you worked on will be highlighted in yellow to you, and for 30/45/60 seconds after leaving it, the generator cannot regress any further than 20/25/30%.
Deja Vu is usually only useful to newer players, so this is supposed to expand it's use, it's kind of an entire rework.
I like this idea, but I feel like it would have to be balanced perfectly to work, since on its own, the effects may not be substantial enough to warrant bringing it, but if everyone brought it, it could make the game even worse for the killer. I don't know if this is a good idea at all, but I tried.

Slippery Meat
You have developed an efficient way to evade harm.
The odds of freeing yourself from the Hook is increased by 4/5/6%, and you gain 1 extra escape attempt.
The next trap of any kind that you run into will not activate, but Slippery Meat is disabled for 120/90/60 seconds after that.
This is just supposed to make slippery meat a lil bit better since it kind of only has use against The Trapper. (Maybe it will work the same as usual against the trapper though, just to be safe.)

No Mither
You like to take the lead, and buy your friends some time.
You begin fully healed, but suffer from the Broken status effect for the duration of the trial.
While you are in a chase, action speeds for all other survivors are increased by 5/10/15%.
After unhooking an ally, the exhaustion effect will decrease 25% faster for 5/10/15 seconds.
Grants the ability to fully heal from the dying state.
This is supposed to make No Mither a good perk for those who enjoy chases, adding a lot of high-risk, high-reward to it, as well as encouraging them to unhook a lot more. I feel like No Mither is supposed to be a perk for those who really know what they're doing, and this is supposed to encourage it.

Up the Ante
For every survivor on a hook, all survivors gain a 3/4/5% luck increase, are unhooked 25% faster, and have their struggle timer slowed by 5%.
While hooked, survivors see your aura within 32/36/40m range, and the penalty of escape attempts is reduced by 50%.
This rendition of up the ante should be perfect for stealthy survivors who can evade the killer, or altruistic survivors who try to save their teammates with all their might.
This should also be good for early game situations where most survivors have been hooked, in which case there is a 24% chance of escaping.

Your healing speed is reduced by 20% at the start of the trial.
Skill checks are 25% more common
For each great skill check you hit, gain a token, up to a maximum of 3/4/5 tokens.
Each token will increase your healing speed by 20%
Hitting a normal skill check or failing a skill check will remove all tokens.
Autodidact can honestly harm your teammates at the start of the match, and usually doesn't get to the broken phase until later in the game. This rendition is supposed to remove the huge flaw it has, and reward survivors for consistently hitting great skill checks instead of just becoming broken as the match progresses.
submitted by NunnyTheDog to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2020.09.24 16:22 Pbrisebois [Recap] MLS Matchday 13

MLS Matchday 13

Wednesday 23 September

New England Revolution 3-1 Montreal Impact
5:00pm Gillete Stadium Foxborough, MA
Farrell 41'
Kessler 45'
Bou 49'
53' Binks
Fagundez 65'
86' Lappalainen
Atlanta United 1-0 FC Dallas
7:00pm ET Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA
47' Bressan
Larentowicz 55'
New York City FC 0-1 Toronto FC
7:00pm ET Red Bull Arena Harrison, NJ
Callens 23'
25' Piatti
Castellanos 36'
40' DeLeon
56' Altidore
64' Nelson
Sands 72'
Acevedo 89'
90' Pozuelo
Chicago Fire 4-0 Houston Dynamo
7:30pm ET Soldier Field Chicago, IL
Beric 15'
Herbers 23'
Medran 40'
Pineda 63'
Shuttleworth 70'
83' Lassiter
87' Struna
Maric 89'
89' Sapong
FC Cincinnati 0-0 Philadelphia Union
7:30pm ET Nippert Stadium Cincinnati, OH
Gyau 19'
Waston 47'
59' Bedoya
Medunjanin 63'
79' Przybylko
Amaya 90'
Columbus Crew 2-1 Minnesota United
7:30pm ET MAPFRE Stadium Columbus, OH
Zelarayan 31'
50' Aja
61' Metanire
Santos 70'
88' Lod
Artur 90'
Sporting Kansas City 1-2 Orlando City
7:30pm ET Children's Mercy Park Kansas City, KS
9' Schlegel
Besler 24'
36' Akindele
38' Michel
Shelton 51'
Russell 53'
77' Pereyra
78' Perea
Kinda 85'
Inter Miami 1-4 New York Red Bulls
8:00pm ET Inter Miami CF Stadium Ft. Lauderdale, FL
14' Egbo
Agudelo 39'
49' White
Gonzalez Pirez 62'
Pizarro 64'
85' Mines
90' Royer
Nashville SC 1-0 DC United
8:30pm ET Nissan Stadium Nashville, TN
37' Canouse
45' Canouse
Rios 70'
Washington 79'
Colorado Rapids 5-0 San Jose Earthquakes
9:00pm ET Dick's Sporting Goods Park Commerce City, CO
Bassett 35'
Acosta 38'
43' Judson
Shinyashiki 44'
Lewis 50'
Thompson 70'
Mezquida 79'
Shinyashiki 84'
86' Hoesen
Real Salt Lake 2-0 Los Angeles Galaxy
9:30pm ET Rio Tinto Stadium Sandy, UT
24' DePuy
Baird 62'
64' Bingham
Rusnak 65'
Kreilach 72'
Portland Timbers 1-0 Seattle Sounders
10:00pm ET Providence Park Portland, OR
Chara 13'
36' Tolo
Bonilla 55'
56' Ruidiaz
Williamson 76'
90' Roldan
Clark 90'
Los Angeles FC 6-0 Vancouver Whitecaps
10:30pm ET Banc of California Stadium Los Angeles, CA
Jakovic 2'
Wright-Phillips 5'
Wright-Phillips 11'
Veselinovic 14'
27' Baldisimo
Rossi 33'
Rose 68'
Harvey 83'

Eastern Conference Table

# Team GP Pts. GD
1 Columbus Crew 13 30 17
2 Orlando City 13 25 10
3 Philadelphia Union 13 25 10
4 Toronto FC 13 25 7
5 New England Revolution 13 18 1
6 New York City FC 13 17 0
7 New York Red Bulls 13 17 -2
8 Montreal Impact 13 16 -4
9 Nashville SC 12 15 -3
10 Atlanta United 13 14 -4
11 FC Cincinnati 13 13 -9
12 Chicago Fire 13 12 -6
13 Inter Miami 13 11 -7
14 DC United 13 11 -7

Western Conference Table

# Team GP Pts. GD
1 Seattle Sounders 12 21 15
2 Portland Timbers 13 21 2
3 Sporting Kansas City 13 20 4
4 FC Dallas 12 19 6
5 Colorado Rapids 13 19 5
6 Los Angeles FC 13 18 4
7 Minnesota United 13 18 3
8 Real Salt Lake 13 17 -2
9 Vancouver Whitecaps 13 15 -13
10 LA Galaxy 12 15 -3
11 Houston Dynamo 13 15 -3
12 San Jose Earthquakes 13 11 -21

Golden Boot Leaders

Player Team Goals
Rossi LAFC 11
Zardes CLB 9
Ruidiaz SEA 8
Mueller ORL 7
Wright-Phillips LAFC 7
We're officially into the second half of this very bizarre 2020 MLS Regular Season. LAFC ran rampant at home to Vancouver scoring 4 goals in the first 14 minutes of their match, which set an MLS record for the fastest 4 goals scored in league history. The Whitecaps wouldn't help themselves, failing to record a single shot on target all game.
Over in Colorado, the Earthquakes continued their poor 2020 campaign losing 5-0 to the Rapids. That brings the Earthquakes goal difference to -21 through 13 games.
The Western Conference remains up for grabs after last night's results. Only 4 points separate Seattle in 1st with RSL in 8th.
On the other hand, over in the East, we're seeing a bit of separation. The Crew have opened up a 5 point lead on the chasing pack of Orlando, Philly and Toronto who are all level on 25. 7 points separate that chasing pack from 5th place New England.
submitted by Pbrisebois to MLS [link] [comments]

Jazz Bands From the 1920s, 30s & 40s (Past Perfect) - YouTube 775415 GENIE AWP-30S VERTICAL MAST AERIAL WORK LIFT ... 20 Differences Between Your 20s And 30s GENIE IWP-20S BATTERY POWERED MANLIFT Dating In Your 30's Worse Than 20's? Day in the life of Washington, DC (1930s) DC 30s Paper - YouTube Genie AWP set up & operation - YouTube

GatherDC Find Your People & Place in Jewish DC

  1. Jazz Bands From the 1920s, 30s & 40s (Past Perfect) - YouTube
  3. 20 Differences Between Your 20s And 30s
  5. Dating In Your 30's Worse Than 20's?
  6. Day in the life of Washington, DC (1930s)
  7. DC 30s Paper - YouTube
  8. Genie AWP set up & operation - YouTube
  9. Invicta DC Comics Collection (30s) - YouTube
  10. 20s 30s music - YouTube

2009 JLG 20MVL Personal Man Lift 292 Hours Charger For Fix Up For Sale Mark Supply - Duration: 4:30. ... Genie IWP 20 DC -2001 - Duration: 2:54. Patrick McArdle 1,644 views. Unmarried Women Over 30: How to Get a Boyfriend in Your 30s or 40s and Get Married - Duration: 18:08. Elliot Scott 39,319 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Video showing how to set up and operate a Genie AWP. 775415 GENIE AWP-30S VERTICAL MAST AERIAL WORK LIFT PLATFORM 1100CM 09-2005 Small Group Swing: Jazz Bands From the 20s, 30s & 40s inc Stuff Smith, Chick Webb, Louis Jordan by Past Perfect Vintage Music. 1:05:24. Tommy Dorsey - Deep Night by Past Perfect Vintage Music. Honoring the heritage of comic character culture, and in collaboration with DC Comics, Invicta Watch announces the limited-edition DC Comics collection. The ... Everyone knows life in your 20s is drastically different from life in your 30s. One minute you're in your carefree 20s, living up your youth and staying out until 2 am every night. Then, before ... Source: U.S. National Archives. HD Historic Stock Footage THE CITY - AMERICA IN THE 30s and 40s - Duration: 7:15. Buyout Footage Historic Film Archive 33,910 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.